The answers are accepted on the channel with the Great Spirit


  • The Absolute is the Сreator of our Universe. And the Great Spirit of the Universe is the Spirit of the Absolute?

We are two different, great energies which unite our common creation for the benefit of all living beings, both on the Earth and in this Universe. There are other Universes under my leadership, in which I create with other Absolutes. Our common task is to bring the consciousness of everything and everyone to the level that is planned individually for everyone.


  • Why should observers, led by the Highest Spirits, have a hard scenario (karmic) experience that lasts a long time?

What do you want to achieve? Your karmic path without us is incredible suffering: one of you could be confined to a bed, while the other one was waiting for a quick death. You are wonderful creatures who have been given a great opportunity to receive Spirits from me, from the Great Master of the Universe – the ability to be able to walk shoulder to shoulder with other Great Masters. The choice is yours.


  • How to resist the Spirits of the lower world?

The spirits were, are and will be. The perception of these energies provides a cause-and-effect relationship. As you see them, so this is the kind of energy you receive. Your question can be slightly changed by saying,

  • In what space do you see these Spirits?
  • In what low feelings towards them do you manifest yourself from the side of the fundamental vector of development?

In order to know the deepest basis of such creations as Spirits or Energies, look at yourself as Spirits, as energies. I have already spoken about this many times in our other conversations. Everything is energy. Everything moves in it. You are energy, remember that. You are not human. You are energy, energy is around you. Everything is playing. You move with these Spirits, with these energies. What we or you call them – it no longer matters.

While reading these lines, truly try to understand my answer. For the doubts that are opening in your mind have already been planned, and they lead you to a deeper development. You are already ready to perceive the Truth as it is.

So, the simplest answer is this: no one and nothing needs to be resisted. The main thing, remember, the MAIN thing – if you do something, think something, then do and think 100%!


  • I have too much energy, what should I do?

Such an awakening energy must be used in creativity, communicating with people, giving them light and love, playing with your inner energy, creating yourself and the world around you.


  • How do I learn to live every day without being identified with pain?

The fleeting, the ease of perception should have been discovered by you a long time ago. Everything is planned, but can be changed by you. Your best friend now is the lightness of the wind, the play of water and the burning of the Sun. You are waiting for an answer, and it is already within you. Look inside yourself, breathe-in the changes that have already taken place within you. Love and only love should be your message for the whole day, for all following days.


  • I’m in a bad psychological state.

Start practicing shamanism, start beating shamanic tambourine.


  • In the forest, where I communicate with the Spirits of the Elements, the trees began to be cut down. What is this sign?

The state of balance between the world of Spirits and the world of people has long been lost. Now the peak moment has come when a human being has crossed the boundaries of what is allowed, when goodness and arrogance have become one for the human mind. This sign is strong enough to indicate that you no longer have a place there.


  • About self-healing.

A new stream of energy is poured onto the Earth to work with the new generation. Pay attention to children, learn from them. People themselves should strive to knock on doors, no one will do it for them. Make efforts, pray more, and be in a state of grace. This is your key to a new kind of self-healing.


  • What is the purpose of settlement the Earth with the Higher Intelligences?

I, the Great Spirit of the Universe, and other Supreme Powers, are eager to raise the Earth to the highest level. This can be compared with the level of development when the Pleiades, Essences from Andromeda, were on the Earth. The Earth can’t stay cornered where Souls are sent only to purify the karma of observers.


  • We are all captured by Spirits of different orders: hungry Spirits, dirty ones, light ones, aren’t we?

Human consciousness is very narrowed. It is a great disrespect for all Spirits when they are called “dirty”. The thinking of the person himself is dirty. Spirit, as mentioned earlier, is energy. And remember, not all people are chosen to be protected by Spirits. You must deserve it.


  • How important is it to connect with nature?

A big advantage for you, who analyzes yourself, your day, events around. Your nature is the purest breath of air with which it is ready to fill you anytime, anywhere. Enjoy every moment of your existence.


  • Do all people have Spirits?

A small part of humanity is led by the Great Spirits. They are their helpers in life. Such people are shamans from birth, have powerful healing abilities. Their karmic manifestation in this life is very weakened, they are led by the Supreme Spirits and have nothing to do with the other part of humanity.