Your Fields


Today, people are immersed in endless streams of information through gadgets, TV, and the Internet. A person’s energy fields are filled non-stop with dirty, base information, making him unable to capture the subtlest energies of the higher worlds.
Where does this lead?

Constant headaches occur (cannot be relieved by any painkillers); intuition overlaps; and such prospects as foretelling the future, clairvoyance, “conversations” with the Teachers of Heaven (channelings) can be forgotten forever.
Therefore, you, who are moving towards your awakening, need to think thoroughly: “Do I need the media and low moral films?” And when you think about it, every day you spend less and less time on gadgets.

Talk to Heaven when you look into the dark darkness of the forest or at the trees in the snow.
Do not pay attention to low-lying channels of perception, support your fields with communication with God.
This will be your Strength and Wisdom.