Your child is not your rescue

It happens that when a child allows his vital subtle body to be relaxed, the weakness, that the adult is filled with, begins to feed with the child’s energy. Whether it’s your child or not yours.
As a test, you can do the following.

Your child or your friend’s child has just returned from creative activities: football, ballroom dancing, modeling, drawing. You didn’t have a good day today. What’s happening? Seeing such an energy-filled child, your energy structure, which succumbed to a strong de-energization in a day, begins to actively act:
– Look, what trousers did you put on for football today!? What will your friends, their parents think of you? They will start to gossip about us, and it’s all because of you!

Do you see a thin line?

One thing is clear. When a person is de-energized (he has no energy), then, unconsciously, his essence is urgently looking for where to “recharge”.
Dear parents, come to your senses! These are your children! Our children are the future! And if we do not force ourselves to think at least for a minute what we are doing with them, then the result will be unfortunate, which you really do not want.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF – this is the secret of successful family relationships.

The Channeller: Sheyhala Dareman

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