Women – you are the Cosmos!

And finally the time has come when the Divine Feminine Energy begins to awaken violently! Those of you who are reading these lines are blessed! The greatest Gift, which is called intuition, begins to awaken in you!

Intuition, dear women, is in each of you. But it’s hard to hear her. Namely, to hear the voice not of the heart itself, but the voice of the Cosmos within oneself. It is not easy for a woman to understand what a HEART VOICE is. It’s time to start tuning in to the entire Cosmos.

The breath is in the heart. Exhale – from the heart ..

Breathe in the Cosmos and breathe it out into your entire body. Breathe in the Pieces of the Universe and breathe them out into each of your organs.

Start to glow!

Begin to be in yourself.

Give yourself this gift.

Sheykhala Dareman