For a disciple the program of life is made at certain points, which are arranged according to life blocks: childhood-youth-middle age-old age. During these periods events, meetings, diseases (by incarnation) are unwound, on which those types of knowledge are reeled, which a person seems to be able to “chew well”, perceive and draw conclusions.

Further, much depends on those inner qualities of a person with which he has embodied.

• For somebody it is enough to be brought to the circle of like-minded people, and this person remains there until old age.

• For another one it is little, and he splashes out of this circle, because the knowledge is not enough.

• Someone is implanted with doubts to the Supreme Masters, in order to that he begins thinking in terms of feelings, intuition.

So the task of the Supreme Masters is to bring the observer (someone slowly, but someone at speed) to those “lanterns” which will cause his blindness; and, overcoming his blindness, from darkness he will start looking for these “lanterns of innovations”, to the touch, maneuvering, literally like on a blade. There are very few ones who manage to hold; there are usually clear falls into the past days of perception or into the illusion and deception of future dreams.

The Masters guard such observers and prepare all the mechanisms of influence, so as not to allow this individual to get lost in the depths of ordinary sleeps: they are shaken up by diseases, divorces, loss of work and a partner, death of loved ones and depression, moving to a new type of residence, etc. Such “moral volcanoes” give rise to a certain kind of endurance in the observer and a desire to either rapidly search for meaning of life, or completely fall asleep.

Is the disciple ready? Then the Master appears more openly. However, this does not mean that the person will sit down in the peace and quiet of everyday life. The presence of the Master is an enormous work of disidentification and development of will, in striving, faith, humility, patience, prayers, meditations and tireless devotion not just to the Master, but to all the Supreme Powers who blessed this person to awaken and meet with the Master.

May the eternal bliss of the God and all that is Light be with you.

I am the Supreme Master of the Universe.

The Channeller: Sohanji

November 19, 2020