View of the illusion’s laws


We are the World Developers

Since the beginning of the illusion’s laws in your period of time, the clear leadership plan for this system has been considered. Of course, a lot of Powers were introduced from outside to refine the mechanisms of the illusion themselves. For example, few are aware that the factor of non-existence is already an illusion, it just was structurally transformed into a platform for the reconstruction of the spatial fields themselves. Therefore, the introduction of the modification structure of the superstructure became possible, because the form of linearity itself allowed us to transform the duality of the fields into a variety of multi-million supplyings.

In the world where you are existing now, new opportunities have opened up. We see that the consciousness of observers, to some extent, has become more flexible, submit to the introduction of new types of programs, and not only programs of the Higher Self. As it has already been informed, there is a thin vibration collage of higher layers, which can be transformed, but only on the purest energies of the Souls, who disclosed their possessions only to those observers who began connecting to some kind of concentration, such as meditation in the fields of the Creator.

What do such meditations give? To a great extent, this is a little-studied sphere in the time continuum where you reside. Let’s talk about the meditations that were used by the higher Essences of the extraterrestrial plane.
Getting involved with the heart on the level of breathing, you can not just experience new vibrations, but already begin hearing the sounds of the Universe spheres. How can this happen? When breathing in, a point of the Universe flows in, shrinking up at the level of the eyebrows, this point symbolizes the corpuscular transformation of all worlds, which suddenly become compressed, getting involved into the observer.
What happens inside the brain at this moment? Expansion of all zones of perception, activating of the mechanism of nucleation and immersion into the Creator within oneself. This is the basis of meditation and the beginning of a new type of relationship that will help people to be more concentrated and less weakened on the reception of unnecessary information, which flows like an overloaded channel with faeces. You don’t deserve to live like this.
Hear us!
Tighten your impulses and just sit down and meet the Divine hurricane of love, which, being drawn in through your brain, gives rise to a new kind of relationship, a new kind of destiny, a new kind of love in your eyes, in conversations, in touches, in the transformation of life itself. Even if they are not eager to listen to you, you simply look at them with the “Eyes of God.” This is the first stage of the Universal Meditation.
May the peace and love of the Creator be with you.

We are the World Developers.
The Channeller: Sohanji

June 28, 2020