Unconditional Love

There is a lot of scattered information about what love is, especially about “what is Unconditional Love”.

Let’s start in order.

The interlayer orders of buildings in the energy fields of the Universe, which is your home, already speak of the endless beauty with which the loving God and the Father Absolute, began his creation in a state of final, unquestioning, infinite and unconditional love for all creation.

Divine play is filled with love in all its manifestations.

How can you do something without loving?

How can you create without loving?

And how can you build something without loving it?

The world of illusion was also created in love. This stage of history was not accidental. Everything is natural and everything is infinitely conditioned by the Plan that should happen.

Many Beings and Intelligences have been and are involved in the Game of this Universe. They are involved in the creation of living and inanimate beings (who correspond to the plans of the of Supreme Plan), many structures were involved, carrying vibrations of bliss and love. On these vibrations – and only on them – all kind of spaces can be built: from low-vibration to high-vibration and rising to the Source and even higher.

Your world has low-vibration layers of buildings in which love itself is closed for perception. Remember your state of love in your youth, or when you breathe in the scent of freshly cut grass, or when the wind fills up the space from the window and you hear singing birds. See the swans flapping their wings, see the dance of lions or the trembling circles in the water made from a thrown stone… Have you seen?

This is the magic of your world, hidden from your eyes. But there is the love of the Absolute, there is the creation that is invested in itself. But under the burden of the mind you have forgotten yourself.

So, for your eyes we have developed an algorithm for creating love. Based on this mini-plan, you can unleash your space, and new kinds of beings and new structures of the Universes. The most important thing is to have the power of love in your vibrations. How strongly this starts to excite your being – our evening meditations are aimed at this – so powerfully you will begin to plunge into this state. 10 minutes a day, 2 hours a day, or 12 hours or more.

Even while falling asleep, you can dive into these elevated states through mantras and prayers. And by combining your breath with my breath, I will take you into my arms and then even sleep will become the pure breath of a baby who does not worry about anything. Try to fall asleep like that. And then a dream will come to you, full of blooming worlds, where you are God himself.

This is the first step to understanding and the first sensation, understanding of what Unconditional Love is. Keep this knowledge.

And may my Blessing be with everyone who reads these lines.

I am the Great Teacher of the Universe

Contactee: Sohanji