To come on time. To start on time.


What does “to come on time” mean?
As strange as it may seem to you, but this is not your desire to appear in this or that space. Initially, your destinies are built in a strict plan from birth to death and further appearances again and again, from life to life. In one or the other time continuum, you are assigned a certain kind of action in order to embody the whole motives of manifestations through your beings. Some have family ties, some have finance ones, and so on. In any case, all of them are associated with a strict course of implementation of the ideas of the cosmic Intelligences.

Every individual born on the Earth carries in his emanations the wave informational structures of his parents’ DNA, his own DNA, into which new codes are embedded so that they germinate in one or another life.
Therefore, the words “To come on time” mean that this time continuum is a bare period when everything – absolutely all incarnations – must be manifested in every destiny. Any opportunity is fully activated to manifest in its greatest form, to manifest all its divine qualities, and difficult manifestations (character, body programs) can be changed, neutralized at the slightest choice of this individual for changes.
This is to say that, starting from 2021 to 2030, you will have to completely replace any karmic developments of other incarnations, and stand on the highest stage in your development.

Therefore, the words “Time to start” is just the very time when your every step, every thought and deed of yours falls either as a burden on the pieces of fate that have already been worked out, or are completely cleaned out. This can happen if your will and the strength of your Spirit are heartily and sincerely desire changes. There is no other way. With a weakened manifestation of the desire for changes, it will be impossible to change fate.

We greet you, who are reading these lines, and already see your tender hearts, ready for change. May the evident Divine Spirit from us be with you.
We are the Supreme Essences of the Conglomerate Intelligence.
The Channeller: Sohanji
January 25, 2021