To know yourself through illness

My seven-year-old son started to stutter and had frequent headaches. I can say that John has a calm character, he is very wise. But for the last two months he has been aggressive, lashing out at his brother, at his parents and at friends.

I sat down next to my son and began a calm conversation:

  • John, why do you repeat one word several times?
  • Mom, when I want to say something, I forget and it makes me very bitter that I don’t remember. And my head hurts a lot every day, I can’t sleep at night ..

As a mother, I sat in a daze .. And immediately asked for help from Vindav – my friend, the strongest healer. Vindave responded immediately. He began a reverent communication with John, discovered a tumor in the boy’s right side of the head, which affected his speech, memory and gave rise to aggressive behavior. Daily healings began 2 times a day. Vindave “prescribed” for John a special program of practices, exercises and breathing. I worked intensively with John, creating warm, trusting communication in the house.

One day Vindav told one great thing: “This child is designated by High Powers. The problem is given for you, as a mother, in order to work even deeper into your hooks and reactions, and for John himself. After all, its purpose is great. “

I sincerely hasten to share with you, my dears! 7 days have passed since the beginning of the healing of John. The tumor disappeared. The speech is wonderful. The memory is great. He is concentrated in actions, in words, in his impulses. He became empathetic towards his brother and family.

Dear parents, I appeal to your heart!

Pay attention to your children. They need the correct guidance of Healers, Shamans, so that their bodies do not hurt and their Spirit grows. They miss your love, your attention so much. Let’s help our children together, who are the Greatest Souls who came to Earth to transform it.