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Oil adding

Human life can be compared with a clay tank filled with oil. This oil continuously decreases by burning. Jing, qi and shen of human bodies decrease in the same way, and this wasting goes either more intensively or less intensively. But when the oil in the tank runs out and the fire goes out, the energy in the human body will run out and the person will die.

Men at 16, and women at 14 reach the highest rise of energy (jing and qi) in the organism. Following the previous comparison, it resembles a tank completely filled with oil, after which a non-stop leak immediately occurs.

“Adding oil to make up for the fate of Min” is a method of reverse improvement, so it becomes possible for a person to stop getting old and return to youth, extend the duration of existence. This is the truth that practitioners have been looking for since ancient times.


Loss of Yangqi energy

When a baby is born, he receives part of the energy from his parents, approximately 25%, and the rest from the Cosmos. If we imagine that the fullness of energy is 6 parts of Yang energy, then when a child is two years and eight months old, he develops a unit of part of Yang energy. When he is 5 years and 4 months old, the energy increases to two units, at 8 years the energy increases to three units. When a child is 10 years old and 8 months old, the energy grows to 4 units. When he is 13 years old and 4 months old, the energy has 5 units. At 16 years of age, the energy will be equal to 6 units, that is, 100% accumulated. Starting from the age of 16 (14 for women), the role of intelligence increases, 7 feelings and 6 passions begin to harm, from this moment the Yangqi in the body begins to decrease, and Yinqi begins to increase.

Starting from the age of 16, every 96 months, one yin is formed.

  • At the age of 24 – the first yin, the yuanqi decreases by 1 unit.
  • At the age of 32, a second yin is formed, false pride and mistakes become permanent, no prohibitions and restrictions no longer hold back, reducing the energy by 1 more unit.
  • At the age of 40, the third yin is formed, and if you do not start saving and improving, advancing with a long intention, then another 1 unit of yang is spent.
  • At 48 years, the fourth yin is formed, and if you continue to devote your pride, then the qi of the kidneys will be depleted, the moustache and hair will turn grey, the yuanqi will be reduced by another 1 unit.
  • -At the age of 56, the fifth yin is formed, thoughts become confused and confused, a person rushes after fame and money, liver qi weakens, vision and memory are upset, to the point that muscles grow numb and stiff and exhaustion occurs if you still do not come to your senses and do not start the practice, then another 1 yangzi is wasted.
  • At the age of 64, the sixth yin is formed, and if at this time this pattern is not understood, then you will continue a meaningless existence, your hair will become completely gray, breathing will become short and shortness of breath will appear, the body will become dry and wither, the yuanqi will be reduced by another 1 yang.

The fact that many old people live to be over 80 years old is because they support life by relying on the qi of cereals, replenishing the jing and qi of the subsequent sky. There are also those who are good at gymnastics and exercises, despite their advanced age, and this means that their energy has not yet been completely spent and therefore they can enjoy longevity.

If you manage to get a way of cultivation and find a Teacher and start implementing the method for replenishing Yang energy, then you can hope for longevity and immortality.


Human being lives in Qi

“A human being lives in qi (energy), just like a fish lives in water,” the Taoists often say.

But qi is not only around a person. The most important thing is that it is in the person himself. I mean qi in the narrow sense of the word, as life energy, vital force. Through the energy channels of our body, energy circulates throughout the body, filling every cell, every organ, every bone or muscle with life.

At the heart of any disease are disorders qi circulation, “blockages” and “blockages” in its path. And a wise doctor heals a non-diseased organ and all the more not the symptoms of the disease, it restores the free circulation of qi in the body, destroying the barriers and dams erected in its path. It is one of the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine, closely related in its development with Taoism.

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