„My destiny (Min) is in me, not in the Heaven!“

Lu Dongbin

Tao is present in everything

Every breath, every step, every action is not complete without energy, which is all living and non-living things. No processes are complete without energy. Energy is originally single. Getting into your world it changes and is present in various states.

What exactly is Tao?

Many sages have tried to answer this question. Tao is the Way and the Method. The path to change yourself. The method that will help a person to be transformed, become stronger, discover great opportunities in himself and become a creator of himself and the space.
In ancient times many people who inhabited the Earth knew about Tao. And they not only knew, but practiced Tao daily.
Following the laws of Tao people understood when to work and when to rest. This knowledge made the inhabitants of those times be the lords of space and time. The degradation mechanism gradually was growing and the knowledge about Tao began drifting away, people plunged into wars and pleasures – step by step they began moving away from the essence of Tao.
From time to time sages appeared, they were messengers of the Heaven who were reviving Tao for people. One of these messengers was the Emperor of China Huang Di. Therefore, sometimes Taoism is called the doctrine of Huang Di (2600 BC). And after many centuries the sage Laozi (VI – V centuries BC) again restored from oblivion the knowledge of Tao. But a series of wars and non-acceptance of the knowledge prevented the transmission of Tao to successions. Today few people know about Tao, the truth of the knowledge has died down.
Tao has the gracious power de (literally – “virtue”), through which it manifests itself in the world. The leading Taoist concepts include the foundations such as self-naturalness, spontaneity and non-doing.
The first concept says that Tao is free, it does not depend on anything else and follows its own nature. The one who wishes to gain Tao should be strived for such state of spiritual open-mindedness..
The second concept says that a sage who is getting better at Tao based on his own subjectively limited desires, passions and affections should not oppose the nature of the things around him, creatures, and struggle with circumstances. Oppositely, he should “follow things.” On the other hand, a sage, using the comprehension of nature, can put it at his service, as if “to go with the tide in the right direction”.
Comprehension of things’ nature allows “the soft one to overcome the hard one”, “the weak one to overcome the strong one”.
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What is the initial training program?

In groups of initial training attention is focused on body recovery, filling with energy.
Learners study to feel their energy, gain energy, learn complexes for recovery of the main organs: kidneys, liver, stomach, intestines, lungs, spleen and heart.