In my 40s after certain difficult transformations, already being on the way of recovery, I felt that I had difficulties in having enough strength to live. I didn’t have energy for activities, changes, I didn’t even have energy to desire. Physical activities and the rhythm of life that I maintained 4 years ago – working, doing fitness, dancing, doing practices – have become a challenge for me.
I have been in this state for the last 2-3 years. It seemed to me that everything would be restored by itself, but it did not happen. At some point I realize there are two options:
  • To live in this state of passivity, anility – lack of interest in everything, humility with the way it is.
  • Try to do something. But what?
I got scared. The body did not want to work, it resisted. Any physical activities were through violence on myself – attempts to practice dancing, yoga, fitness caused even more resistance. I didn’t understand why, what I was doing earlier didn’t work.
At that moment Tao practices appeared in my life, I had not met Tao before and I had no idea what it was. However, I was ready to try different options; I needed to turn myself on, to activate myself. And within two months of practicing Tao I started feeling that something was changing:
  • The state of calmness and balance is fixed more stable for a longer period of time;
  • In addition to Tao I also began doing other activities (dancing, fitness) a little, harmlessly;
  • I began to wake up at 4:30 (50:50) and arrange all my activities in a regime. It does not always work out, but the current achievement is already a victory;
  • Cleansing of the organism started, the blocks in the spine were removed, the old dormant symptoms;
  • Desires, interests and strengths to overcome passivity, to want something have appeared. The recovering is going on gradually.   
This is a very good result in 2 months! This is about the quality of the state, about the clarity and calmness of the mind, about my own energy, about new tasks, about creativity, about the quality of living.
“A Master comes when a learner is ready”.  Many thanks to Vindav, his knowledge and skills, his provided efforts, his gift to share!
= Daria K.


A year ago, under the guidance of my Master, I started practicing Tao. I can summarize the first results of my journey. Of course, I will not be able to fully evaluate the changes that have occurred in me during this time, but still I see a lot myself. My path of searching for myself began much earlier and, as I said, any sincere seeker of truth can meet one of the wise men who will kindly agree to be his spiritual mentor, the Rescuer.
I was incredibly lucky in my life, Vindav is my Master, Sat-Guru.
I felt the beneficial changes immediately, from the first lesson. Every time from communication with Vindav I am filled with unusual Light, joy, wisdom, energy and, of course, health. Many problems go away, which by the age of fifty have accumulated a lot: there was a critical situation in gynecology, the kidneys were weak from birth, joints, legs and even an exhaustible runny nose. The runny nose disappeared after the second small session, although the problem has been longstanding.
My walk became easy, I often catch surprised looks: I fly like a girl. I forget about other diagnoses what they are called. And these are changes only in physical level. Much more can be written. In short, I have the following changes:
  • there was one person, and now there is another one – much healthier, joyful, loving and, I hope, wise)
You know, I learned to smile just like a child. Of course, my path in learning Tao and myself is still very long, and I am glad of it! Life is filled with real meaning with the help of Tao and my Master.
= Elena K.