Student and Teacher

What is the difference between transmitted knowledge from a living Teacher and the knowledge that a student receives through books, the Internet and other sources? The difference is truly great. Only through the Teacher is the energy component of Knowledge transmitted, only the Teacher will be able to warn the student against mistakes in time.

When a student is looking for a Teacher for a long time, he will always find him.
It is important to realize that the student does not always understand the essence of the Teacher’s guidance.
Having found the Teacher, already at the first stage, the student passes the “invisible exam” – unpacking the Ego.The Teacher understands that the purification of his student is a long process, and for this it is necessary to be patient.

The teacher sacrifices his energy for the sake of his student. This is some of the disciple’s first sacrifice.

If you are conscious, you will understand that without the will of the Teacher, the student can do little.

Praying and Asking for Forgiveness from Heaven, as if from your Teacher – this is your main task. And if you come to this understanding, then Heaven will descend to you in the form of a Teacher.

What happens next
When a disciple meets his Teacher, an amazing moment comes for the disciple’s karma to be purified. The teacher takes ALL the student’s karma upon himself. The teacher is burdened by the burden that the student has been carrying for so many years. And the disciple’s stay on Earth is facilitated.

I want to convey to you the concept of “Victims”

The teacher sacrifices his exalted state and takes on the burden of his chosen disciple. Then why should a disciple think that now he is great and there will be no sacrifices? If a student thinks so at least once, then Heaven will teach him a good lesson of sacrifice: either with his health, or in the form of a financial or economic crisis, or – what is most difficult – the loss of a loved one. Only in this way can a foolish student be able to understand the essence of being under the eye of his Teacher.

Teachers are selected. Only a few become them.
There are now nine Teachers on our planet who are sent from above.

So wake up!