The world has been created in such a way that a person simply needs to start taking care of himself, the search for truth, the search for himself.

My path began so long ago .. The pathway is long, covered with knowledge, powerful practices and, most importantly, deep experience, which finally allowed me to realize that the world of Spirits is everywhere! It is within us. It is outside us. Spirits speak to us, Spirits sing with us, Spirits only strive to help each of us.

Dear friends!

My appeal to you as potential shamans. And not only shamans, but also as healers of human souls. Our pathway is one: to unite a person with himself. But, most importantly, this path must begin with ourselves.

Spirits began guiding me from the age of seventeen. Learning has been going on all these years. Communication is continuous, communication is deep. The spirits have taught me throughout these years of my life. I tried to understand why I was sick, why people around me were sick. Why do people break down family relationships? And the most painful question for me was: why do children get sick?

I have two amazing little shamans growing up. It turns out that they tirelessly communicate with the Nature: with trees, with the sea, with animals – with such respect, with such great inspiration ..

As a shaman, I pray and appeal to all, all people:

  • Let’s start striving inside ourselves!
  • Let’s start singing for ourselves!
  • Let’s start loving ourselves!

Always in love with you, Sheykhala Dareman

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