Who is the shaman

In ancient times wise people used various kinds of techniques that allowed them to connect to the Supreme Powers and make special movements with their arms, legs, and the whole body. This allowed them to always be in a healthy state and always be connected to the Supreme. Such people can be called shamans. They possessed an ancient, deep method unknown to ordinary people.

In the modern world there are still shamans who preserve knowledge and try to transfer it to other people. But even these shamans are very sick. They have disconnected from the Cosmos, from the Supreme and continue doing practices, working with people, healing them, not knowing what burden they have already brought upon themselves.

To be a shaman is to be a healer, a guide of the God. Who is the pure guide on the Earth now? There is almost no one left, they forgot about the Supreme. The Spirit of the Universe himself is disappointed. And now it is He who allows a small handful of people to begin awakening, transferring the lost knowledge that is so necessary for all people of the planet.


Healing methods


  • Shamanic dances

Motion is the meaning of life. Everything moves: light and darkness, truth and lies, day and night, life and death, trees, stars, clouds and even people. Everything is in a beautiful dance. And as already mentioned, everything dances and even a human being does. Why? Yet it was precisely a human being who forgot about the dance, it was he who forbade himself his own life. But the whole existence of a human being makes him remember about motion, about life. Ask yourself:

– What is dance for you? Is it just shaking hands and feet?

No, this is a big mistake. Dance is an ancient method, when the inner essence of a human being could with performing special motions and special chants connect to the Supreme and heal himself, fill himself with the pure, emerald energy of the Cosmos.

At our meetings you will merge into the unknown world of motions, which is healing. It is healing yourself.


  • “Heart and Spirit”

Rightly so the most sensitive people, who have a developed sense of intuition, always say “I did this because I felt the call of my heart”. And if your intuition – and this is wealth, – is undeveloped – you are an unhappy person. Developing your sensitivity is very, very important! And you need to develop it! Without intuition, without such a subtle feeling, you cannot become a shaman. A shaman must have developed all the senses: all-seeing, all-feeling, all-understanding. And you start this path from the most seemingly simple – to develop your sensitivity in order to come at least a little to the sense of intuition. Having developed this quality in yourself, you come closer to understanding “feeling the Spirit within yourself.” This is the wealth! This is a gift of the God!


  • Connection with the Nature

Independent reproduction now plays an important role. If a human being could use all the resources for this, he would not need to work, there would be no need for doctors. If a sufficiently developed, conscious person thinks about this factor, he will understand that the best living is in nature. And the best work is to merge with the nature and use all of its resources. And the very depth of happiness is the nature again. Replenish your strength with it. After all, the Nature exists for you, within you, and you coexist together.