About the Spirit in a human being

Chapter from the Book “The Revival of Shamanism”

.. Today we will talk about the most interesting – about the Spirit, which is in a human being himself. Have you paid attention to how your body acts, how your thoughts act? A very interesting process consists of many extremely difficult variations. The spirit of a human being is not known. It is difficult to be realized by a person who is sleeping very deeply. Even when he says, “I can hear my heart” it is a deep delusion.

You have not heard your heart for a long time. Therefore, it is not even a question that you can feel your Spirit. The Spirit is the treasure with which you came to this Earth. Look at the animals: of all living beings on the planet, only they have developed sense of the Spirit. It is the Spirit that shows to a human being where to go, what to do, how to breathe, how to eat and what to eat, to whom to go and why to go. It is like a call of the heart, and all these are interconnected.