About the Spirit in a human being

Chapters from the Book “The Revival of Shamanism”


.. Today we will talk about the most interesting – about the Spirit, which is in a human being himself. Have you paid attention to how your body acts, how your thoughts act? A very interesting process consists of many extremely difficult variations. The spirit of a human being is not known. It is difficult to be realized by a person who is sleeping very deeply. Even when he says, “I can hear my heart” it is a deep delusion.

You have not heard your heart for a long time. Therefore, it is not even a question that you can feel your Spirit. The Spirit is the treasure with which you came to this Earth. Look at the animals: of all living beings on the planet, only they have developed sense of the Spirit. It is the Spirit that shows to a human being where to go, what to do, how to breathe, how to eat and what to eat, to whom to go and why to go. It is like a call of the heart, and all these are interconnected.


The day when the Spirit chooses its master and the master chooses its Spirit


The truth of this moment lies in the fact that a shaman prepares himself carefully from the winter solstice when his energy is low enough. For only in this way the shaman can prove to his coming Helper Spirit that the truth of the union can arise only when the shaman has made a lot of efforts over a long period of six months. And then this day has come.

The shaman has a rest before the meeting. In what form is this rest?

He sweeps around his house, picking leaves from the ground and placing them on the East side. Continuing his rite, singing a special sound given to him by the Great Spirit of the Universe, he takes salt and sprinkles it around his house. Thus, it warns that his area is salty, inedible, taking away all natural disasters from himself.

At the end of the preparation, he lies down on the ground with his face and hands, begins to vorgovati for a long time, until the great sign visits him.

The vernal equinox is the only day of the year when a young shaman has the opportunity to acquire the Guardian of the Helper Spirit. Such a connection completely heals the shaman, gives good luck and success to him. Since if the Spirit accepts the challenge of the shaman, when the Spirit sees that the shaman has become strong and strong-willed, only then he is ready to obey him!

May you be blessed to be under the protection these difficult days.

Channeller, shaman: Sheykhala Dareman




The Great Spirit of the Universe was interested in building new worlds, and this could not be done without its helpers. And the Great Spirit created helpers for itself, little Spirits, who are now everywhere, wherever you turn your eyes. In order to have the opportunity to harmoniously control the course of events the Great Spirit needed to create large Elemental Spirits.

So, let’s talk about the Elemental Spirits.


The Spirit of Earth Element

Such a powerful stable state can arise in you when you think of this Spirit. This is strength, courage. Look at the mountains, volcanoes, the soil, the earth – this wonderful and magnificent Spirit is present in everything, it has been giving health to people since ancient times. This is where the secret of health is kept! Consciously step your bare feet on the ground you walk on every day. Let strength and power enter your legs .. Breathe health. Breathe confidence. Inhale, finally, the sense of life! The Spirit of Element Earth, created by me, grants all these.


The Spirit of Water Element

Imagine you are plunging into the cool streams of the waterfall for a moment. This is the Spirit of Water Element. What a powerful state of flexibility and, at the same time, the power of attraction this Spirit possesses. Since there is a reason that ancient kings had magic power and could rule the entire country, or even the whole world. Remember the pharaohs; no one could prevent their power. The Power of the Water Element possesses magical abilities that are revealed only to few people. Go to the sea, to a river or a waterfall, talk to the Water Element. What does it tell you? Hear this Spirit..


The Spirit of Fire Element

This is a powerful cosmic stream. It pours out either into a destructive force, or into an all-pervading positive energy. The whole world lacks strength, where is it? There is a fatigue syndrome, which you are aware of. Nobody thinks about why it was created and where to look for the reason? Go to the forest, make a small fire and look at it, at the flickering sparks. This is where the power is hidden. Everything is so easy. A human being has forgotten about his inner existence, about his Essence. Connect with the Fire Element, let this beautiful, strong, active Spirit finally enter you and make you successful.


The Spirit of Air Element

This Spirit has the power of thought, the power of will and the power of concentration. The Spirit of Air Element makes it clear that you can control all thoughts passing through your brain. Stand up and turn to the Spirit of Air Element, ask for help. And you will see how everything changes, how the wind inside you calms down, harmonizes. Your mind calms down and the Spirit of Air becomes your friend.


The Spirit of Ether Element 

By connecting all the elements within yourself, the deepest secret of all times is revealed – the Great Spirit of Ether Element shows its existence – the Spirit of harmony, creativity, self-discovering, exploring of all living things in this Universe.