In the process of evolution, the human brain began to acquire the form that is tightly connected with another, parallel world. Shamanic destiny is based on understanding himself, and then convey to everyone in simple language, on what the world and all of its creation are based. The shaman realizes that the Spirit world is a very important part of his life. And the energy pouring from the shaman’s eye is directed to the world where Spirits reign and harmony reigns.

A person intensely seeks to cognize health, the state of which directly depends on the connection with the subtle world. That’s the answer.

The shaman is allowed not only to know about the Spirit in the other world, but also to send his Helper Spirits to the place where hopelessness, hunger and death reign. The Universe favours this. Therefore, my Shamans have every right to carry out such tasks.

Tjma (darkness) lasts for a long time in your world. But tjma (darkness) itself is light. You will need to be aware of this. Split the word “tjma” into letters and then into syllables.

It turns out the following:
T – shadow, j – silence, m – peace, a – Absolute.

And now the syllables:
Tj is creation, ma is life.

Awake and realize this meaning.

Away from all troubles, the shaman has the opportunity to penetrate into the most hidden worlds, in which his journey is simply endless. Darkness and Light: it is rather difficult for a person to determine these values. Therefore, the following equation is offered to your attention:

Darkness + Light = The Spirit of the World of the Holy Spirit.

Connected with people the creation of the Spirit (within the person himself) allows you to understand the legitimate causal connection between the world that you see and the invisible world. This connection is the thinnest thread extended from the Shaman’s Eye of Wisdom to the very centre of the entire Universe.

The fluidity of the thought process allows the Shaman to predict the construction of new interdimensional situations, which have already been written down in the book “Shaman and the Master Universe”. Creativity connected with the flow from the centre of the Universe means the path indicated in many books on shamanism. Looking inside, you can make sure in its existence.

I am the Great Spirit of the Universe

The channeller, shaman: Sheykhala Dareman