The Universe was created from small particles, molecules, which like sparks scattered into all corners of our Universe, creating planets, stars, constellations. In all living creations there is a particle of the Great Spirit, which lives and breathes together with everything.
The most important task of a person is that he needs to begin to learn himself. If he remains in the shadow of ignorance, he will be the most unfortunate person all his life. Look up to the sky, especially in the evening. You will see many stars, the Moon illuminating the sky. If you are near the sea, watch the moonlight shine brightly on the water. Since this is the reflection of the entire Universe.
You will be surprised how close the world of Spirits is and how great this world is. It is no coincidence that many of you have a strong urge to leave the city. You feel that you can no longer live within the walls of cities, as in the prison of the world. And you feel good being in nature, because Nature is the healer of your soul.
Close your eyes and imagine for a minute that you are in a completely unfamiliar world: new colors, new voices, pure streams of light – everything is new. When you forget even for a second about the world in which you are used to living, a new, magical House full of surprises opens up for you. This is your Home of new abilities. The house in which the elementals invisible to your eyes live.
Smells, visions, sounds – all this is the world of Spirits. You just need to focus on these. Listen and hear: the beating of your heart, the voice of your Soul, the signs given by your Helper Spirit.