About the Spirit in a human being

Chapter from the Book “The Revival of Shamanism”

..Today we will talk about the most interesting – about the Spirit, which is in a human being himself.
Have you paid attention to how your body acts, how your thoughts act? A very interesting process consists of many extremely difficult variations. The spirit of a human being is not known. It is difficult to be realized by a person who is sleeping very deeply. Even when he says “I can hear my heart” it is a deep delusion. You have not heard your heart for a long time. Therefore, it is not even a question that you can feel your Spirit. But this is the treasure with which you came to this Earth.

Look at the animals. They have a very strong sense of the Spirit. Most of all living things on earth, they have a connection with their Spirit. It is the Spirit that shows you where to go, what to do, how to breathe, how to eat and what to eat, to whom to go and why to go. It can even be called a call of the heart. All these are interconnected.


“Heart and Spirit!” Reflect on these words.

Rightly so the most sensitive people – who have a developed sense of intuition – always say “I did so, because I felt the call of my heart.” And if your intuition is undeveloped – and that is the wealth – you are an unhappy person. Developing your sensitivity is very, very important! And it is needed!
Without intuition, without such a subtle feeling, you cannot become a shaman.

A shaman must have developed all the senses: all-seeing, all-feeling, all-realizing. And you start this path from the most seemingly simple – to develop your sensitivity in order to at least somehow approach the sense of intuition. Having developed such a quality in yourself, you come closer to realizing, and most importantly, “Feeling the Spirit within yourself.”

This is a treasure trove! It is a gift from God, as you say. I have created such a great Spirit, which is not given to everyone. To have a connection with your Spirit is to be a magician! Knowing how to control your Spirit is magic! By mastering it, you master all life on the Earth, and even in the Space. Being a shaman is to rein your Spirit, which is now completely controlling you in your favor.
Come back inside yourself! I bless you for this!

I am the Spirit of the Universe. I’m with you.

Sheyhala Dareman received this shamanic message