Shaman dances

Movement is what the whole life is all about. Everything moves: light and darkness, truth and lie, day and night, life and death, trees, stars, clouds and even people. Everything is in a beautiful dance. And as already mentioned, everything dances, and even a human being. Why?
And that is him who forgot about the dance, it was the human being who forbade his own life. The entire existence of a person still makes him remember about movement, about life.

And what is the movement?
In ancient times, wise people used various kinds of techniques that allowed them to connect to the Higher Powers and make special movements with their hands, feet, and the whole body, which allowed them to be always in a healthy state, always connected to the Highest. Such people can be called shamans. They possessed a very ancient, profound method that was unknown to the common people. Dance is a special kind of connection to the Higher Powers.

Ask yourself:
– What is dance for you? Is it just shaking your legs and arms?
This is a big misbelief.
Dance is an ancient method, when the inner essence of a person could, with special movements and special chants, connect to the Highest and heal yourself, fill yourself with the pure, emerald energy of the Space.

And to begin with, just plunge into yourself, listen to yourself and you will hear something that you have not heard all your life, but something was knocking to you, it turned to you, spoke to you – THIS IS YOUR HEART.
As a shaman, it is your responsibility to have constant contact with your heart. This is your Spirit-Guide. Nobody tells you to become a shaman.
The entire Space wants you to remember yourself.
That is all for the start.

I am the Great Spirit of the Universe – I open myself only to a few, to very few. And let you become this one – the Great Human Being!

Sheyhala Dareman received this message