“The path of a saint is only service to others, not remembering oneself. And I WILL CARE about you myself! And this is MY GIFT for you.”

These are the words of the Great Absolute accepted by me in 2020.

Reaching a certain peak in life, what does a developing person think about? Is it about the outstanding success he has achieved? Or about what responsibility falls on him – the responsibility for those who follow him step by step, but who do not yet have sufficient knowledge and strength to move on their own?

Remember this phrase.

If you act every day, every hour, every minute consciously, correctly, ethically, then your actions automatically create energy support (pillow, platform) for those who are lower than you, who follow you and who trust you.

The morality of manifestations of a person of development – his truth, his honor and honesty cannot be only in words. He is already vigilant during the day and even at night, clearly observing the world of Illusion, he regulates his behavior when he is with himself, but especially when he communicates with people, he monitors the reactions of himself and the creatures (people, animals, plants) that are precisely in this period of time are involved in a joint energy exchange.

Such a person is the Top of his Pyramid, consisting of approximately 1000 beings. Absolutely all people, animals, plants are tied into such a Pyramid by rigid ties of relationships. These are his future or current students, his relatives, friends and just associates in development. And they find energy recharge from a person who is at the Top of the Pyramid.

If a person, like the Top of the Pyramid, does not act righteously – shows negative reactions, nurturing his attachments to the material world – then those who are energetically connected with him will have the same actions, but already a hundred times stronger.
It acts like an avalanche: a little snow fell from the top of the mountain and … an avalanche rushed.

The main task of a ruthless, but such a bright and righteous time is your pure thoughts, your divine feelings.
Remember those who are in your circle!