The reason for existence and rejection of the ideas of the Higher Spheres

We, the Higher Essences of the Conglomerate Intelligence

Open your hearts

The reason for existence is not just “be born-get-married-make money-die.” Your “curators” bring you to this algorithm when they build your life path. The sense of life, as you have been repeatedly informed – is a certain kind of isolation and rejection of those beautiful world pictures that are forwarded into your “perception screen” from TV, newspapers, the Internet. Getting involved in them, you become hostages of your own vices. Therefore, it turns out that you are rejected from the paths of the Supreme Powers which could create the highest level of creation through you.

What goals do people have? Surviving, building houses, apartments, giving birth, killing, dying of food, chemical elements in clothes, dirty water and terrifying forms of relationships (hatred, annihilation).
From the moment of gaining confidence of the Supreme Powers, a human being starts arising as a form of not just a “robot”, but namely, as the Real Human Being, when having forgotten about himself he starts recreating with us those specific subjects that can revive the Divine in himself.

With this a completely new existence can be started, these are:

  • the primacy of the thinking apparatus to create a platform of inner silence;
  • the creation of such processes in the body when any kind of food (even vitamin-free) gives rise to processes of transformation into living enzymes, which we include in you;
  • the ability to observe, neutralizing negative outbursts of emotions with turning to non-verbal communication, transforming feelings in the Soul’s fields with the possibility of expanding the fields of fascination and love. And this is the real magic.

Much of what will be given to you and your followers is such a wonderful transformation of you and the space around; we are waiting with trembling for your formation. Because it will be impossible to refuse such miracles. Therefore, detachment from this world is already a natural process. And the acquiring innovations is a new type of relationship that starts developing between you (those who trust the Highest) and us, who are the intermediaries between the Origin and you.

We are the Higher Essences of the Conglomerate Intelligence.
The Channellers: Vindav, Sohanji

Chapter from the Book “Dao of Rise”