purity and benefits of meditationS


– In some groups of esotericists meditation is considered to be unnecessary. How legitimate are such statements?


The Supreme Masters: It’s a very good question, thanks! Let’s start with the following.

What leadership do these groups have? If the Masters lead them, it is important to be able to listen to the Masters themselves. After all, meditation in their case just is a connection with the Masters (smiling).
People who are attracted to such groups may fall under indeterminate thoughts that meditations or prayers to the Supreme are not needed. Do you see what facets are?

What is meditation?

This is a special kind of the setting on your heart, on your goodness, which can and should be born in the heart. What is goodness in the heart for? Is it just for “feeding” the spheres you don’t recognize, or is it that step into yourself where there is nonfertilized ground of love? It has dried up, has become rotten, stagnant, you are already like a dead well.
What can you feed yourself with in this case? And how can you feed people who, at the very least, came to you, and they themselves have already become stagnant wells. That is where the dead end is.

Our meditation is an opening garden, a flowering garden where a free measure of love is born and it is immeasurable. Can you see that? From our Creator that endless bliss is directed towards each of you, and that helps to wash your old soil, fill it with pure water, which will begin to revive that sprout, the seed of unconditional love with which you were already born.

Is the reason for existence only a fear of “feeding” someone? Open to the higher significance, stop living according to the laws of illusion, tear yourself away from the speculations of the programs and just sit down, relax among the beloved Souls, who so carefully gather you together.

May the Divine Bliss be with you.

We are the Masters led by Archistratigus Michael
We are the Masters of Shambhala, led by El Morya
We are the Masters of the higher worlds from Kriya Yoga
I am the Master Sri Yukteswar Giri
Channeller: Sohandji

June 7, 2020