The question of the dignity of a spiritual leader

Never before you, earthlings, have had such a kind of Knowledge as Renewal of the existence’s order

What does it mean?
The old potentials in each of you should be revealed, otherwise there was no sense in incarnating here. If these potentials are frozen in a human being, the moment comes and the Higher Providence begins to shake the essence of the observer in order the potentials either to be opened in him and begin to grow in a not comfortable zone, or these sleeping substances begin to grow inward, i.e. they sprout to destroy the carrier of strong qualities.

What can this lead to?

In various cases this leads to the death of the Essence and the transformation of this individual into a usual “asleep” – a whole set of diseases is revealed according to the prescribed scenario.

With the leaders of the so-called “spiritual directions” everything is much stricter. A purely personal decision is made and in short period.
Low-vibration influences increase, a person forgets about the Divine purpose of his life, degradation is inexorable and fast-flowing with severe diseases in order to bring out the principal part through internal bodily sufferings. Having a high awareness the spiritual leader becomes clear and leaves for nonentity without the possibility of reincarnation. The beginning of a new incarnation closes to a high resolution at the Council of Conglomerate Intelligence and the Joint Council of Souls.

Archistratigus Michael
Channeller: Sohandji

June 11, 2020