A person’s choice is never made by his neighbor or friend. The choice of one’s destiny is always made by the person himself.

For example, a fireman is sent by his commander to extinguish a fire – he gives a diagram of the building, how and where to extinguish it. The fireman is running. But suddenly, on the way to the fire, this fireman remembers that it was at this time that he had a day off and he decided not to run and put out the fire, not to save people.

Another example. By the will of Heaven, a man ended up with a living master, in his School, and Heaven arranged it in such a way that at some point this man had very little money left in his pocket. According to the template of the fate scenario, which is written to him by the 3D Matrix, a person must spend this amount on food, gasoline, loans and other needs – well, as usual.


Invest the majority of it on spiritual self-development, or on the Master’s School in the form of a tithe, as a monthly calculation of income (this is worth thinking about).

Who should choose what to spend their last money on? – only himself.

And this is where the choice of priority happens: take God as a friend or take the Matrix as a friend.

– If a person chooses Knowledge as a Priority or Spiritual Transformation, then he may be hit with – well, a lot of money just doesn’t come from out of nowhere, or suddenly dead-end cases suddenly acquire a great conclusion, or the disease somehow recedes on its own…

– If a person chooses the Matrix as a friend… then God moves away from him and begins to “teach” the person in a harsher form: sharp losses begin in the most identified areas: health, relationships, finances.

Only each of us is obliged to make our own personal choice – where and with whom to go, what exactly to give up, what to strive for. And after all, people make a choice of priorities, and often completely wrong ones, leading them to the dead end of fate.

This is how the Living Field of energies works. And the master of Living Knowledge – as a healer, as a clairvoyant – does not have the right to decide for his students. He only gives them a “Life Scheme” on how to build a Priority: this is a social priority, but this is the same Divine Priority.

And if this scheme of priorities does not suit the student, he is “broken” by doing something that is not comfortable – But Divine – then such a person can safely continue to be where he is comfortable, that is, in the sleeping template of the Matrix.