Feel life in every part of your body and feel health in your body’s every cell

  • “Kriya-Suntami yoga” can become your constant assistant. It is a restorative for those who are at home, for a business person it is a gift, for a rich person it is a true treasure.
  • “Kriya-Suntami yoga” teaches everyone to separate distracted attention from the touch senses, sight, hearing, to eliminate wandering thoughts and annoying habits. It gives the ability to focus attention at each moment on one specific thought.

  • “Kriya-Suntami yoga” is for everyone: old and young, weak and healthy people, businessmen, intellectuals, doctors and everyone who wants to improve health and develop unlimited mental abilities.

  • “Kriya-Suntami yoga” is not muscular exercises and not an imaginary power of thought, but the system of interrelated exercises consciously performed by willpower. Neither a single physical movement of the body nor a movement of thought can be performed without will. Before you start to move, think or imagine anything, you need to show your will. Controlling physical activity and the power of thought through the development of conscious will leads to the achievement of the results that are simply impossible for most people.

Yoga and living

A conscious person has an understanding that he is the creator of his life, his observed space and his future. Accordingly, in order to create his life, a person must have a certain worldview, the philosophy of his life, an approach to true perception of himself and manifestation of himself in the observed space.

All spaces, the whole Universe and we as the components of the Universe, because everything is unified, – this all is the energy. Everything is the energy. And Yoga is the science of working with the energy, it is the practical science of life. First of all a person’s life is the perception of himself, his feelings, control of his mind and body. This is the conscious management of your life. Having discovered ourselves, we freely and in complete harmony realize ourselves and interact with the external space and the people around us. And this is what Yoga teaches us. Yoga teaches us self-knowing, heals us on a physical and mental level, we learn ourselves and reveal all our creative potentials, when living according to the postulates of the science of Yoga.

People of the future are real wizards, magicians who perform creative reality. There are no diseases and wars in the future, people live in harmony with themselves, with each other, the Nature and the Space. Everyone realizes himself or herself creatively, and in co-creation with each other, living according to the Laws of the Nature and the Space, we reveal all our unique abilities.

These are not just dreams of a wonderful future, this is the result of the human evolution. And we are already on the way to this wonderful transformation, now living our every day with the philosophy and practice that Yoga offers us.