Feel life in every part of your body and feel health in your body’s every cell



Kriya means “development”.

Suntami is “ascension in kindness”. 

Kriya Suntami Yoga is the birth of a new awareness in a person, when he has finally comprehended the secrets of the simplest thing – his breathing.

Development is the depth of the world in which miracles are created. Look out the window, there are golden rays. Do you see them? They illuminate your path, which is woven from millions of particles. So meticulously and wisely your path was created. Why to train your mind when your heart already knows everything. Start your day with these realizations. And may the Dragon of Wisdom accompany you in this day. Get a sense of these words. The frequency and coordination of illumination are correlated precisely with the ray illumination that comes from the very Eye of Wisdom.

The state of bliss was inherent in any living being in all Master Universes, in all Universes. When a particle begins to awaken, then from the side of the Eye of the Universe it looks like an upward and inward movement. When a particle starts to hurt and it gets a little worse, it’s like moving inward and outward. In other words, it is like a movement of coordination through the centre upward, or through the centre to the sides. The task of any living particle is to strive towards the centre and upward.

Unfortunately, this vector is now quite damaged. And this is an experience for the particle itself.

It turns out to be very easy to penetrate into the space of the Master Universe. If the particle assumes a sitting position and slightly turns its gaze to the right, then it will be able to feel the vector of movement forward and outward. If, sitting in the same position, direct the gaze to the right and back, then a state opens here that has never been understood – you did not know this. This state is called “the Master Universe is in reverse”.

Let us explain.

The component of the vector forward and to the right can give you the most favourable events that you need. Here you can add the state of bliss, wealth, love, creativity. That is, all those qualities that a particle is looking for.

Let’s take a plan of coordination to the right and back. There is only one explanation for this – merging with the Eye of Wisdom.

When the particle itself, after all, having made all those necessary efforts to at least realize the temporary values, the Eye of Wisdom itself replenishes it, praises and endows it with the highest qualities that it needs for its existence and development to the right and back.


Yoga and everyday life


Yoga in its true meaning is the knowledge about the Universe and a human being, the knowledge that is applied in practice every day if a person chooses to consciously live his life. Conscious living of his life means that every day, at every moment of his life, a person makes choices in favor of his development and transformation, following his true path – answering the call of his heart, the way his intuition directs him. 

Performing Yoga practices (asanas – exercises to control energy and physiological processes in the body, pranayama – techniques for conscious control of breathing, meditation and the application of spiritual and moral principles in his life), a person discovers his true self, learns to control his energy and, accordingly, his life. The path of conscious development is a daily self-improvement, daily implementation of practices, and this requires good discipline and self-organization.

Most practitioners have difficulty organizing the practice regularly. And every developing person at the beginning of his path makes a lot of efforts creating his own new way of life. In order to harmoniously reconfigure and live your day, applying the philosophy of Yoga, the following items are important to be followed:

  • Feel with your heart and be inspired by the principles of Yoga

  • Start learning Yoga with a Master

  • Complete and write down the daily routine of your new lifestyle, clearly defining the time intervals for performing the practices every day

  • Always remember that no matter how lazy, hard, not in the mood, etc. could be, the main thing is to start doing the practice. As soon as you start doing your practice you immediately feel a burst of energy, a joyful mood, strength, interest appears, and you already observe yourself in a harmonious, blissful state and the desire to continue doing wonderful yoga practices.

We wish you great new discoveries in self-knowledge and self-realization in your daily yoga practices!


Yoga and living

A conscious person has an understanding that he is the creator of his life, his observed space and his future. Accordingly, in order to create his life, a person must have a certain worldview, the philosophy of his life, an approach to true perception of himself and manifestation of himself in the observed space.

All spaces, the whole Universe and we as the components of the Universe, because everything is unified, – this all is the energy. Everything is the energy. And Yoga is the science of working with the energy, it is the practical science of life. First of all a person’s life is the perception of himself, his feelings, control of his mind and body. This is the conscious management of your life. Having discovered ourselves, we freely and in complete harmony realize ourselves and interact with the external space and the people around us. And this is what Yoga teaches us. Yoga teaches us self-knowing, heals us on a physical and mental level, we learn ourselves and reveal all our creative potentials, when living according to the postulates of the science of Yoga.

People of the future are real wizards, magicians who perform creative reality. There are no diseases and wars in the future, people live in harmony with themselves, with each other, the Nature and the Space. Everyone realizes himself or herself creatively, and in co-creation with each other, living according to the Laws of the Nature and the Space, we reveal all our unique abilities.

These are not just dreams of a wonderful future, this is the result of the human evolution. And we are already on the way to this wonderful transformation, now living our every day with the philosophy and practice that Yoga offers us.


Yoga for advanced level 

You are the one who has already learnt one stage of Yoga and is ready for a deeper understanding of what Yoga is for you in your life.

Yoga is not only asanas performed by the physical body in a favorable psychological state. Yoga is the whole universe that opens up for each of you in that amazing form that is intended strictly to each individual. At this stage a learner moves on to more indepth practices, which now not only require him to perform them clearly, but help his consciousness to understand, to feel that every minute is equal to the eternity. Since having understood this wisdom, the learner begins creating his day. An individual program is established for the learner, this program is signed not only for every hour, but also for every 30 minutes of his life during this day.

The learner has deep breathing practices strictly under the guidance of his master. At such a deep stage of his development siddhis begin opening up, which are used not only to help the learner, but begin affecting even the state of the entire Earth.

The learner is ready to perceive more subtle energies; he is ready to get acquainted with such abilities as clairaudience, clairvoyance, awareness and omniscience. It is worth noting that many people play with such concepts. In fact, you are still far from their deepest concept.

We, the Supreme Masters, have prepared your masters for such a high level that they are ready to lead each of you individually under their careful supervision. Your questions will have active answers. Your development will rise. And there are already witnesses to this.


Moment in Space


February 25, 2021

Today we will consider such a concept as the disclosure of the higher vision of the particle itself. This topic is quite difficult to understand when it is subject to a simple observer. It is necessary to look at the world precisely from the side of what is happening, when the stream of the Earth’s energy has long begun to change its turn. When the thought of his development comes to a person, the message inside him begins to increase and the desire to develop begins to increase. When the connection with his heart is strong enough, then you can begin to take the first steps in a long way. These steps are simple and difficult at the same time for comprehension.

Step 1

(the 1st month)

Repentance through full awareness of yourself, surrendered to the Highest. There are practices for deep awareness through breathing techniques. We have already gave them to you. New ones will start to be given soon.

Step 2

(the 2nd month)

Body movement. Here I would like to draw your attention to its condition. The fact is that in the world where you live, the body is limited by movement, limited precisely by strength exercises that allow your body to be exhausted, but to strengthen your Spirit. You, who are striving for development, pay attention to your body condition. A lot of walking – little food – more water.

Step 3

(the 3rd month)

Striving for energy management. Here we will begin to explore the details of this level with you. All the practices and breathings you know will be a thing of the past, and we will begin exacting exercises concerning your airways. Prepare for this.

Step 4

(the 4th month)

Repentance merged with awareness to reveal a new generation. Understand, that a new generation is being created on your platforms. If you are not ready, if you are not strong, the Era of their manifestation will not come to the new generation. Awareness through long meditations, fasting and body exercises.

Step 5

(the 5th month) and the last step

This is the moment when you are given the opportunity to move into a new space in a new consciousness, in new wonderful energies, where we live. This stage is not far off. Work on yourself.

From today on, you begin to breathe, breathe, and breathe again. You are given a month for constant breathing: “Spiral” and “Flower”. Breathe constantly!


I am Sri Yukteswar Giri, the great Teacher Babaji Krishna is with me.

Sheykhala Dareman