Yoga and everyday life

Yoga in its true meaning is the knowledge about the Universe and a human being, the knowledge that is applied in practice every day if a person chooses to consciously live his life. Conscious living of his life means that every day, at every moment of his life, a person makes choices in favor of his development and transformation, following his true path – answering the call of his heart, the way his intuition directs him. 

Performing Yoga practices (asanas – exercises to control energy and physiological processes in the body, pranayama – techniques for conscious control of breathing, meditation and the application of spiritual and moral principles in his life), a person discovers his true self, learns to control his energy and, accordingly, his life. The path of conscious development is a daily self-improvement, daily implementation of practices, and this requires good discipline and self-organization.

Most practitioners have difficulty organizing the practice regularly. And every developing person at the beginning of his path makes a lot of efforts creating his own new way of life. In order to harmoniously reconfigure and live your day, applying the philosophy of Yoga, the following items are important to be followed:

  • Feel with your heart and be inspired by the principles of Yoga
  • Start learning Yoga with a Master
  • Complete and write down the daily routine of your new lifestyle, clearly defining the time intervals for performing the practices every day
  • Always remember that no matter how lazy, hard, not in the mood, etc. could be, the main thing is to start doing the practice. As soon as you start doing your practice you immediately feel a burst of energy, a joyful mood, strength, interest appears, and you already observe yourself in a harmonious, blissful state and the desire to continue doing wonderful yoga practices.

We wish you great new discoveries in self-knowledge and self-realization in your daily yoga practices!