You are the one who has already learnt one stage of Yoga and is ready for a deeper understanding of what Yoga is for you in your life.

Yoga is not only asanas performed by the physical body in a favorable psychological state. Yoga is the whole universe that opens up for each of you in that amazing form that is intended strictly to each individual. At this stage a learner moves on to more indepth practices, which now not only require him to perform them clearly, but help his consciousness to understand, to feel that every minute is equal to the eternity. Since having understood this wisdom, the learner begins creating his day. An individual program is established for the learner, this program is signed not only for every hour, but also for every 30 minutes of his life during this day.

The learner has deep breathing practices strictly under the guidance of his master. At such a deep stage of his development siddhis begin opening up, which are used not only to help the learner, but begin affecting even the state of the entire Earth.

The learner is ready to perceive more subtle energies; he is ready to get acquainted with such abilities as clairaudience, clairvoyance, awareness and omniscience. It is worth noting that many people play with such concepts. In fact, you are still far from their deepest concept.

We, the Supreme Masters, have prepared your masters for such a high level that they are ready to lead each of you individually under their careful supervision.

Your questions will have active answers. Your development will rise. And there are already witnesses to this.