Kriya-Suntami Yoga Master, shaman, healer, seeress



For people now the most important thing is emotion ..

Life is creativity and selflessness. The radiance of your gaze depends on the beat of your Divine heart. Purity of thoughts and brilliance of emotions are equal to an amazing state when your energy capacity begins to improve in your life to influence situations exactly as YOUR HEART desires. What is your heart like?

This the Gift that you have to recognize on the path to yourself.

If you could only imagine, just for one moment, what our body consists of! And also our subtle bodies .. I assure you – you will find yourself in a wonderful world that opens in front of your eyes. I had to train myself for many years through special physical practices that helped me heal myself day after day, year after year. It took 20 years when at last I was able to get a great opportunity to get in touch with the Great Gift called “INTUITION”.

Do not ignore this value, since it is the beginning of all beginnings. Not everyone can cognize such a subtle Gift. But each of you can feel it.


Accept “Pa-Ta” 

Pa-Ta means “To receive and send goodness” (saṃskṛta · vāc).

  • Sit in a position that is comfortable for you, close your eyes and send Pa-Ta to the whole world. You will find that by making such a nice little gesture towards the world, you have already done your morning yoga.