Yoga sessions with Sheyhala Dareman have brought inner peace to my life. After a short time of regular practice I have become more confident and stronger. I feel like I am reconnecting with my inner-self again and understand my needs more.

Sheyhala is just wonderful, kind-hearted and powerful Teacher. I love classes with her and I always look forward to the next one.




I was advised to contact Sheyhala Dareman for advice regarding my questions on the next steps in my spiritual path. Sheyhala immediately with joy replied, in her response to my letter I felt her love for people and for her work, a deep understanding of my situation and a sincere desire to help me. And when communicating at the consultation, I realized how lucky I was to meet such a bright, kind-hearted, open, responsive, gifted, talented, very wise and strong-willed person in the beautiful young woman. For the first minutes of communicating with Sheyhala I felt warmth in my heart, my heart began opening like a flower – these are wonderful sensations that I experienced earlier only during meditations.

At the consultation, Sheyhala answered all my questions, everything she said resonated in my heart!

With great joy and inspiration I began studying with Sheykhala. It is amazing what wonderful transformations and discoveries happened to me in just for 6 months of my study (2 sessions per week). The knowledge and practice of Patanjali yoga and the healing sessions of Sheyhala make real miracles. Every time I am still amazed at the magic that happens to me after each of our sessions!

These are my wonderful results:

  • Healing of internal organs, knee joints, spine.
  • A large number of blocks, that did not allow me to move further in my self-discovery path, vanished.
  • Now I feel a deeper connection with my body. My body has become more flexible, strong, filled with energy.
  • I feel the energy in my body more clearly and brighter. I feel and see the movement of energy in my body.
  • If earlier I had to make efforts, applying certain methods to control my consciousness, thought forms and emotional state, now more and more often the feeling of harmony, peace, free perception and self-realization happens by itself.
  • I have become more sensitive to myself and people. I feel that mercy began revealing in me. These are very blissful and subtle sensations. At such moments my heart trembles with love, happiness and tenderness.
  • The heart’s perception of myself and outer space has become deeper and more stable.
  • Meditations have become deeper, richer with sensations and visualization.
  • Many discoveries happened in my creative realization.
  • Abilities such as clairvoyance and clairgnosis have been opened.
  • Channel with the Supreme Powers has opened.

I am heartily grateful to Sheyhala. It is a real blessing to meet such a wonderful Person, a unique Master and Healer on my way.

With Love, K.N.