The law of creativity

Since ancient times strong yogis have practiced deep breathing every day. Merging yourself with your breath is the great secret of youth, beauty and health. Just think: realizing yourself during one breathing in, you live in Eternity, and realizing yourself in each exhaling – you become a magician.

A person can achieve prosperity through the energy of his thinking, intuition and imagination. By activating this kind of creative thinking, you help your body to start relaxing from outside influences and, of course, from the influences of your mind. The movement of thoughts only in one direction does not allow a person to reveal his being and discover himself. Therefore, pay your attention to breathing – this is where the key to yourself and in the opening of creativity within yourself is.


Limits of Consciousness 

The path to yourself lies through awareness of yourself, awareness of your actions, through the ability to raise yourself to the level of consciousness at which you are already, but do not yet realize it.

Have you ever felt yourself “hiding in a dead end”? This happens often, even all the time. The main task of a person is to catch the thread that begins as a ball unfolding him into action.

Release yourself. Try to understand the most important task for you – to look back, smile and continue your journey again. The most true discovery for you when you realize that you are already at the top.

But the top itself is chosen by the person himself.

Sheykhala Dareman