The time has come to define the great significance of what Kriya Suntami Yoga is

For many centuries, people have wondered what life is and what death is, what the beginning is and where its end is, where strength is awake, and where weakness is deeply hidden, what the body is and what the Essence means. Finally, we asked the most important question, who is a human being.  

There are many, many questions and answers already. However, none of them led any of you to the understanding, which is so necessary – what is my heart and who am I? 

You are lost, you lost your way.

The world is on the verge of abruption, torment, suffering, diseases. A person goes gathering information in which he believes so strongly. Nevertheless, the most important thing was forgotten, that all the answers are within you, everything starts from you, and everything is guaranteed to successfully end only when you finally find a connection with yourself.

Therefore, here is the most ancient path, the ancient knowledge of Kriya Suntami Yoga, which reveals to each of you the path to yourself. However, you will say that you found it long ago.

  • Have you found it?
  • Did you feel this way?
  • And are you really you?

Ancient techniques, body movements, and most importantly – breathing techniques hidden from people were closed from the world for a long time. Breathing is the life of everything. You cannot even imagine that you are completely far from understanding what Pranayama is, what Yama and Niyama are. Everything is forgotten. Moreover, it was destined to happen, but only for your own good.