The time has come to mark the great significance of Kriya-Suntami Yoga

In ancient times, when people communicated only with their eyes, their emotional plane vibrated through the received stream of the 12 chakra system. Their eyes burned with fire, and the Soul trembled from the inner voice of the Universe. It was then that a new Era was born, the name of which was and is “Kali-Yuga”.

Comprehension, prosperity and communication at the level of Knowledge and high consciousness were available only to few people. The time has come when this level of communication begins to manifest itself in your days. This opportunity is a huge gift given to you, people, in such difficult days on the Earth.

Let’s talk a little about the current state of the platform of being. Crushing events, misfortunes and fear lead masses of people to self-discovery. If earlier it was known that a person needs to take 2 steps to his development, now this has radically changed. You don’t need to take steps, no. These steps should have already been taken by you. Time flows backwards, time has changed. Your breathing is broken, your interactions with the Universe is disrupted. Therefore, the darkness came and covered the Earth.

Where are you those who are so striving for cognition? I am invoking to you now. Because the Knowledge can be the key to perfection and inner wealth. But it could become the most dangerous weapon for you.

I am Sri Yukteswar Giri, the Great Yogi, I have come to the Earth and I am ready to share the most intimate Knowledge which have been stored for millenniums.

Received the channel: Sheykhala Dareman, Kriya-Suntami Yoga master, channeller, seeress

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