Nine Addictions

For those who follow the conscious Path, it is very important to understand what dependencies on the 3D scenario hinder their development.

Let’s take a closer look at these dependencies.

1. The need for clothing and food.

As long as we have a physical body, one way or another, we will need food for it. Therefore, it is important to keep track of foods that will bring more benefit to the physical body than harm. Clothing must be treated more detachedly, even ascetically. When a person pays great attention to fashionable clothes, showing immoderation in food, addictions are automatically formed in him.

2. Family obligations.
Many have families, children, elderly parents. Of course, you need to take care of children and parents, but attention must be dosed in order to devote enough time for your development. Sometimes during the day a lot of time is given to family responsibilities, and there is little or no time left for personal practices. Thus, there is an increasing dependence on the 3D scenario.

3. Passion for good deeds and love.
If the attraction to the wife, children and parents is too strong, turning into some kind of shackles, a state of hopeless workload arises, when there is practically no time for personal improvement and rest. This is also dependent on the 3D scenario.

4. Career links. Self-interest.
This postulate will be clear to those who are passionate about career and business. But this is not a spiritual path of development. This is a powerful lasso that pulls its owners to new dependencies on the 3D scenario.

5. The emergence and multiplication of misfortunes.

If you devote a lot of time to spiritual habits: energy practice, reading esoteric literature, prayers and meditations, then difficult twists of fate will disappear and level out. When you don’t cultivate spiritual habits, then negative events will clutter up your day. This is how another 3D dependency is formed.

6. Teacher limitation.
We see that now it has become fashionable to engage in self-development. Groups are growing like “buds” everywhere, led by different teachers and gurus. If the mentor of the group does not have knowledge from the Higher Forces, then he simply wastes your time and leads you to a dead end, and not to spiritual transformation. It is important to examine how well this mentor (or teacher) develops. If he calls to be identified with the attachments of the 3D scenario, and he himself is immersed in making money, if his reactions to events correspond to the usual 3D person, then you should think about it and find another mentor. After all, blind faith and following the erroneous precepts of such a mentor is the creation of new dependencies on the 3D scenario.

7. Talk about differences.

This is when people do not see the main goal. At the same time, they study their small abilities that do not lead to the main goal. Wandering in a circle and loss of time begins, because a person does not understand that dependence on secondary successes is included. This is a new kind of 3D script dependency.

8. Weakness of intention.
For example, one day you do intensive development practices, and the next day you are overcome by laziness and you give up everything. With such a weak intention, it is impossible to achieve high goals.

9. Loss of time.
When you are still young, it seems to you that the time of life is unlimited, and it will be enough for many accomplishments. And you constantly put off your development until later, devoting more time to your career, personal affairs, family. And time runs inexorably. You are already 40 years old, and your thoughts are again and again about a career and money. When you decide to take care of your development, old age comes. Health has faded, and there is no strength for anything. Time is irretrievably lost.