My Health is my Friend


Dear people, our universal appeal to all of you!

Strive to breathe not with your chest, but with your stomach and diaphragm. Strive to calm your liver so that your heart can calm down. Why?

Times are not what they were yesterday. Times tomorrow will not be what they are today. The human nervous system is mired in thoughts in order to have something.

Have you ever thought about being truly healthy? Have you thought about having your health as your friend that you want to take care of?

Look, in fact, the aspiration of everyone depends on the inner strength. It is lost. The immune system cannot actively fill up to help the body get out of disease. It will get worse. A polluted atmosphere will affect breathing itself. Therefore, try each of you to turn your gaze exactly inside your heart, inside your liver, inside the lower abdomen.

And for this you need quite a bit: sit down, close your eyes and start inhaling energy from space into your heart through the top of your head, and exhale love around you. And so every day. Whoever has willpower will do it. For everything we do, we do for ourselves.

Stay healthy!

Sheykhala Doreman