Musculoskeletal system

This type of structure will take on a more severe form of change, because bone tissue is destroyed with every turn of the Earth, with every exposure to nutrition and ignorance about its movement of life.

A person with his vibrations is susceptible to the destruction of bone tissue, as well as drying out of the interosseous connective fluid. When a person’s vibrations fall, the vibrations of the Earth and the energies surrounding the Earth are different, then bone tissue is destroyed and the fluid structures in the bones already begin to dry out.

With the help of the techniques of my direction, it is possible to treat the musculoskeletal system individually. This can lead to the renewal of these tissues and the treatment of decaying cell formations.

I had a detailed diagnosis in the areas of rheumatologists and the Institute of Rheumatology confirmed the diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis. Traditional medicine claims that ankylosing spondylitis is incurable, you can only maintain a more or less normal patient’s condition by taking medications and developing spinal mobility. In December 2019, I was rcommended to apply to the healer and Dao Master Vindav. Today, after six months of treatment and practicing (with a regularity of 1-2 times a week) and daily execution of the recommended practices, I feel great, move freely and actively do physical practices. There is no stiffness and pain. The body seemed to be filled with vital energy, it became strong and flexible, the bend of the knee joint is restored, muscles are tightened, posture was straightened, shoulders are spread, excess volumes have gone, the face looks younger.