We invite you to Healing Conference and meditations every Sunday

at fb group “New Dimension” 

“Listen to the heart, manifest spontaneously”

US (MT): 8AM, US (CDT): 9AM, BST: 3PM, CEST: 4PM, GMT: 5PM, IST: 7:15PM, THA: 9PM


Healers of the Bliss in love direction: Vindav, Sheykhala Doreman, Sohanji

Bliss in Love meditation was given to us by the Masters of the Higher Spheres in order to energetically help people and the Earth. Through the participants of the meditation the Divine healing and transforming energies of Love and Light are transferred both to the participants of the meditation and to all people and the Earth. By participating in meditations a person heals, his inner world is harmoniously transformed and quality of his life improves. Participants note that the meditation contributes to a deeper feeling of themselves, expansion of awareness, discovering of their potentials and abilities.

Every meditator has the most precious opportunity to help people and the Earth. And the more participants in the meditation are present, the stronger and more extensive the flow of the transferred Divine energy is.

Often during meditations we pray for the healing of people. For this it is important for us to know the name, age, location (country and city), a description of the disease, the state of the person. In this case it is necessary for the person to desire to receive the healing energy through meditation.

If your relatives, friends and acquaintances need healing help, write to us: info@blissinlove.com

We are happy to see you, you are always welcome!