Man and woman



What is the spiritual meaning of the union of a man and a woman?

Today, people think little about the spiritual, they are completely immersed in their material world. If you ask a person what a man and a woman are created for, then the answer will correspond to the material Matrix: “For the birth of children” …

Let’s look a little into the distant past.

In ancient times, for example, the Slavs attached great importance to the education of women. The young girls were taught by the VEDUNIA, and upon completion of the training, the girl became the VESTA. This meant that the young woman was trained and could be a kind, spiritual support for the young warrior. What kind of knowledge Vesta possessed we do not know for sure.

Let’s turn our attention to ancient China. The Dao cultivation method was born there a long time ago. With the help of the Tao, people perfected the body and spirit.
In Tao, there is the “Pair Cultivation” method, which significantly accelerated the development of a man and a woman.

So, we understand that many, many hundreds of years ago, a Man and a Woman were assigned the role not only of reproducing offspring, but also for self-improvement.

How can the union of Man and Woman help in spiritual development?

A man, as a rule, is a driving force that is full of energy. And with his energy, a man opens the way of spiritual ascension upwards. And the Woman is the “fuel” that feeds the man.

The Creator built the structure of the Woman in such a way that she herself can not rise high in her spiritual development. And if there is a Man nearby – a spiritual partner, then the Woman moves to the Divine after him.

The structure of the Man is built by the Creator in such a way that the Man himself can rise in the spiritual path of development. But … he will not reach great heights without a Woman. With a female partner, he will soar to the highest orders of the Heavenly levels.

A woman has huge fields of love, and with her love, with her Prayer, she creates a kind of invisible platform of energies that pushes a Man to fly up to God.

The Union of Man and Woman is meant for joint growth in the Spirit.
Remember Krishna and Radu, Shiva and Shakti, Rama and Sita, Lel and Lada – these Deities were a unique example of spiritual development.