Magnetic Center

The task of every woman is the most important thing – to accept herself in the most wonderful light of her intuition, fixed through the Magnetic Center.

This state is possible only when:

  • The heart is open through the state of prayer.
  • There is acceptance of the male half of humanity.
  • There is an energetic awareness of your field through certain practices that are transmitted on the channel from Above.

And when a woman masters these steps (and there are at least three of them), then we can say that she begins to open her Magnetic Center. And it is needed so that each of you can be an example for others. Indeed, in order to attract important situations and important people, to transform desires into actions – all this is possible only when your Magnetic Center (and it is in the region of the heart) begins to vibrate hundreds of kilometers away from you.

Let this knowledge become a great action for you in revealing yourself to a new one.

What do you think?