Karma and Divinity

Part 2


Changing the time regulator in yourself when connecting the stimulating apparatus is possible in the case when the human mind begins to undergo a wise awareness of its existence or karma. All karmic changes encourage a person to strive either for sensitive events – in your understanding, positive ones, or for incredible events – negative ones for you.

The origin of the word “karma” can be explained as follows:

“Kar” – attached to an event,

“Ma” – a stimulator of an event planned from above either by the God or by the Creator. You can call it the Event Builder, that is, exactly as you were trained in society. This is not even worth contradicting.

So, when the human mind begins to imagine the sequence of events, a clear and pure understanding comes to him that he is tied with nets (namely, karma) from all sides.

Look at everything that is happening around you. Can you say that you have control over all of this? Far from it, my dear friends.

Striving to “break these chains” will also be an absurd action, because this way you heat your karma even more.

What should be your right reaction?

It is very simple – LOVE.

Let love begin to strive from your eyes, from your hands, and most importantly, from your heart. The desire to love has always been the goal of discovering of a human being. But few people were able to achieve real sensation, real emotion, meaning “love.”

Let this Truth enter everyone’s heart. And in any case do not doubt your wonderful existence.

I am Sri Yukteswar Giri

The channeller: Sheykhala Dareman

April 18, 2021