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What to do if a nuclear world war starts?

Any event first occurs on the subtle plane, where there are informational field structures. Next comes the physical realization of those processes that take place on the subtle plane.

When various events occur, we think that the arrow of time goes from the past to the future, and the present shapes the future. But things don’t quite work out that way.
The Universe is an energy being, and everything that exists in the Universe consists of opposites. The system is stable only when there is a set of opposites that fight each other, then there is stability. When one of the opposites leaves, a roll to the left or right begins, and development ends.

So, the arrow of time goes from the future to the past, i.e. the future shapes the present. There is a dialectical interaction of two opposites, the past and the future. The present affects the future, the future affects the present.

But there are different levels of impact.

  • There is mature karma, when events have already filled with energy, and nothing can be done.
  • There is an initial karma. When a future problem approaches, at first we are not very comfortable at heart. There may be fears, aggressiveness, despondency, depression, irritability. And there may be some unpleasant events. All this indicates some kind of mental problems.

So, it all starts with internal discomfort. A person begins to become attached and angry, his heart, as it were, is in turmoil. If we do not pay attention to this, then the problem gradually moves from the subtle Higher Plans to more dense ones, i.e. in 3D, where we cruise through fate. We have some setbacks and troubles. This is a sign that the problem is coming close.

And then real problems begin, not only in health, but in everything else:

  1. First trouble away from us.
  2. Then troubles happen to those around us.
  3. And now we are in trouble.

Any event exists in three time points.

We see only one point, reality, but there are also displaced points from the past and the future.

  • The first wave is coming as a hint.
  • There is a second wave, as a serious warning.
  • If you don’t understand, then the third wave is coming and the event itself is happening.

In the case of World War III

When the third wave comes, it is no longer worth counting on some physical moments of salvation.
But it’s not about “physics”, it’s about the state of mind. Therefore, it is very important how we accept death.
If we understand that this is a natural result of our unwillingness to take care of the state of mind, change, develop, aspire to God. If we understand all this and with sincere prayer, having renounced everything, we will pray to God for the forgiveness of our Higher Essence, then we can achieve a lot.

We will achieve purity of heart. Proceeding from this, our Fate is decided by Heaven: to give this individual the passage of the stage of death or not.

Your Essence can be really helped if you renounce everything and turn to God, concentrating only on love, reverence for the Almighty. In the Vedas, it is written: “If a person before death thinks about God, prays and strives only for God, by this he can close all sins.”


A huge amount of our energy, inner strength, striving is used to interact with the world. If we renounce the world (the priority is not worldly, but our development) and thereby open ourselves to the Almighty, then we have such a powerful regrouping of everything – both in the body and in the thin shell of the aura – that we can close very serious attachments, aggressiveness , lust and dependence on our instincts. That is, we can do a lot to save our Higher Aspect, our heart.

Where will we be and where will the fallen humanity that has destroyed itself is the second question. Somewhere, but it will be… There are no one-time processes in the Universe.

Therefore, one should not be afraid of death, but one needs those forces, that energy that goes into experiencing, into fears, into love, into prayers, into accepting the Will of the Most High, God the Father.

After all, a person is not a body, but, first of all, it is a Divine particle. This is the first thing to take care of.


Since the third world war on the subtle plane has already passed like a wave and has come to us, it is better not to delay the moment, not to wait for it to be on the physical level, but to start taking care of your Divine part already This Hour.
And that means.

– How much we will do elementary things:
* fasting, preferably not one day, but three days
* detachment
* sacrifice
* good nature
* Love
* restriction of animal needs.

– How much we stop dreaming and thinking about sex, about money, about food, about pleasures.

– As far as we will think: are we able to forgive, are we able not to regret the past and not worry about the future, are we able to be good-natured in a situation where it seems like you need to get embittered ..

——If we think about all this, it will be a very useful procedure and help not only for ourselves, but also for others.

It’s time for the exams.

It’s time to take care of your inner world. And for this you need for some time to renounce your animal instincts, from life as such, and put love and faith in the first place.


When a person remembers God before death, having clearly understood that he is not a tenant, then this prayer is a little false, selfish. It’s like praying for a better theater ticket…
Everything has to be earned.
Do not beg the Almighty for blessings, but with your love, your clear aspiration, your desire to change your character for the better. Then you will get good results.

They say, “God’s chosen people” or “God’s chosen people.” God’s chosen people or man is the one who has chosen God as the main goal, and his meaning of life is likeness to the Almighty. The ability to love without conditions and requirements. And we, on the contrary, believe that it was God who chose him for some of his merits and will protect him.

First, we must learn to protect the love in the heart, our Divine fusion, without dividing it into various sexual, material and other urges and needs. Do not subordinate love to money, power, profit, prosperity and base pleasures.

So, it is better not to delay this process, but to deal with it from today. And then, if a third world war happens, we will accept it without fear, without hatred and despondency, and by this we will save our Higher Divine Essences.