Bliss in Love is a circle of like-minded people who are engaged in their spiritual development, revealing their unique abilities aimed at healing, development, transforming people and the Earth. We are healers, channellers who are ready to use communication with the Supreme structures – the Masters of the Higher Spheres, Supreme civilizations, the Great Spirit of the Universe – for the benefit of earthlings. We have in our hands healing practices, Tao techniques, a new kind of yoga aspect Kriya-Suntami yoga. Along with:

  • Psychology of relationships.
  • Family harmony.
  • Children of the new generation.
  • Communication and connection with Spirits (shamanism).
  • Opening the fields of love in the fields of the Soul – meditations, prayers.

We are open to round table communication with all healers, shamans, channellers to develop a constructive dialogue with the opportunity to practice with patient groups helping and sharing healing techniques.


Healers who created the “Bliss in Love” direction


The founders of an entirely new platform of knowledge and healing are Russian healers: Vindav, Sohanji, Sheyhala and Surakh Mir. The desire to discover “who I am” united them into one whole. Having developed a pure connection with the Masters of the Higher Spheres, they began transferring healing flows to the whole world through daily meditations and healing sessions for people.



A Taoist practitioner (Chinese energetic health system), who has been studying Tao for over 12 years, a seer, a healer who sees organs at any distance – in Europe, the USA and Russia. He successfully healed people of diabetes, ankylosing spondylitis, hormonal disorders, rheumatism, oncology. Patients experience not only physical recovery, but renewal of psychological states. During treatment sessions Vindav directs energy fields to the patient at any distance, and also applies Taoist Chinese practice. As a Tao master he teaches disciples the Tao techniques. It heals the body, improves immunity and increases personal energy.

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Healer, clairvoyant, psychologist of the soul and the heart. As a spiritual astrologer, she has the rare gift of predicting the future. Recently, Sohanji has been receiving information from above on astronomy, about the planets, about the constellations of the Universe. She devoted many years to heart helping for people. Through repentance, ascesises she gained the ability to heal people with the fields of love. Sohanji is consecrated by the Masters of the Higher Spheres to bring the light energies of longevity to the world, she gives people the opportunity to cleanse the body and bring weight to the divine norm (nutrition programs for losing weight and healing organs). If you find it hard to forgive your loved ones, you suffer from loneliness, depression – Sohanji will accept you with her loving heart and show you the way to yourself.

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Sheykhala Doreman

Shaman, healer, clairvoyant, master of Kriya-Suntami Yoga (the renewed Patanjali yoga). From early childhood she has been being led by the strongest and the most powerful Spirit of the Universe, who blessed her to become a world-class Shaman. She studied ancient methods of shamanic healing, met with strong shamans from Mexico, Altai, Himalayas and Olympus. She devoted her life to helping people through the methods: “Connection with the nature”, Kriya-Suntami Yoga, family relationships and discovery of children’s talents.  

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Sudan Khan

He has been studying on the Macrocosmos course since the fall of 2021. Practicing instructor of Kriya-Suntami yoga, spiritual psychologist. Possesses knowledge of shamanism. Clairvoyant. contactee.

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Surakh Mir

She has been studying on the Macrocosm course since the fall of 2020. A practicing Tao instructor, leads a women’s group to study Taoist practices. She is proficient in the practices of Kriya-Suntami Yoga. Heals in the Fields of Love in meditations and during communication with people. The channeler, receives messages from the Higher Intelligences of the Universe.

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The Unity of healers

Now Vindav, Sheyhala and Sudan Khan energetically have united their healing powers in the fields of love of Sohanji and Surakh Mir so great changes have begun for the earthlings. These phenomenal masters of their directions heal every person and even groups of people with healing flows of the pure heart. Let people begin to heal. Let the Earth begin to heal.

Write your wishes for healing meetings: blissinlove888@gmail.com