Healing the eyes

The patient constantly wore glasses, without glasses there was just a white veil.

She turned to me because I had already treated her for another reason. I will note that the patient lives in Greece, and I am in Russia and the treatment took place at a distance.

Daily work began, sessions were held twice a day in the morning and in the evening. After a few days, the patient began to feel energy in the eyes, in the form of warmth. This made her very happy, although her vision was at the same level. So a month passed, the patient’s faith fell a little, but there were no other options, she only had to believe in her Luck.

Once going to a neighbor, the patient forgot to put on glasses and went to her without glasses, and only when she returned home, she realized that she was without glasses and SAW.

 The treatment continued, gradually wearing glasses became uncomfortable, and more and more often she simply did not wear them.

After treatment, within two months, she already works at the computer and communicates with people without glasses, she no longer needs them.

Energy healing has a tangible effect at any distance.