May 2021 is a special time when we can unite our hearts into a single rhythm of discovering ourselves and the world around us.

Video conference Zoom on May 15, Saturday 

at 19:00 UK /20:00 CET /14:00 EST /23:30 IST

– Vindav – Tao master, a healer.
– Sheykhala – Kriya-Sunatmi yoga master, a shaman, a healer.

The meeting is organized for you, who are looking for recovery in such a severe period of diseases and pain.

We will tell you:

  • about Health (musculoskeletal system),
  • about methods of healing,
  • about breathing and what’s the main – HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF.

The value of breathing and the 1-st part of Tao complex for activating the genitourinary system will be transmitted to you.

To participate in the conference, write here:  info@blissinlove.com

We are always happy to support your health!


Greetings! With great joy and gratitude I am writing about my healing. I believe that it will inspire and give hope to those who choose happiness, physical and spiritual healing in their lives.

I got sick at the age of 17. Symptoms – pain in the back, neck, pelvis, legs and arms when moving, numbness in the legs. Osteochondrosis, then after a few years lumbar protrusion, piriformis syndrome were diagnosed. My treatment began under the guidance of neurologists with a length of 14 years. One course of treatment – drug therapy, injections, manual therapy, osteopathy, massages, exercise therapy, acupuncture – helped for a short time. Regular gymnastics was painful due to the increasing stiffness of the spine. And the endless treatment continued: blockade, 2-3 weeks of therapy, a month or two of torment, then again 2-3 weeks of treatment. And so was going all 14 years.

In 2014, at the another appointment with a new neurologist, the doctor, after listening to all my complaints, directed me to the rheumatologists to be examined. I had a detailed diagnosis in the areas of rheumatologists and the Institute of Rheumatology confirmed the diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis. They prescribed a life-long daily intake of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Arkoksiya 90, daily gymnastics and recommended to apply for disability benefits. For three years the drug helped as well as gymnastics, it was not so painful to do exercises at that time. But essentially I didn’t feel better, and I didn’t want to give up. I decided to be healed!

Traditional medicine claims that ankylosing spondylitis is incurable, you can only maintain a more or less normal patient’s condition by taking medications and developing spinal mobility.
I began searching for alternative treatment methods. As a result, I started practicing at the school of healing practices, where Chi Kung and scientific innovations are applied. I felt improvements in my spine, joints, and muscles. But I studied at this school for very short time, as I got into an accident, I was hit by a car, and for the next 2 years I was rehabilitating after operations, I was learning to walk again. The most serious injury was an open knee fracture.

And the most wonderful thing that happened to me during that period was the beginning of my spiritual path, the path to myself. Through astrology, psychology, esoterics, knowledge of the Universe and the human being, and spiritual practices. As for physical health – I continued taking the medical drug, practicing Chi Kung, yoga and Pilates exercises. The knee joint was well developed, but not to a healthy state. Stiffness and pain in the spine did not go away.

In December 2019, I was rcommended to apply to the healer and Dao Master Vindav. We had the practices on Skype, as we live in different locations. During the practices that I regularly did daily on my own, I immediately felt good feelings throughout my body. And I want to note an important moment for me – I learned to feel and interact more deeply with my body! From the beginning of the course of treatment and practices, I intuitively felt that I could stop taking the medical drug and completely trust the treatment.

Today, after six months of treatment and practicing (with a regularity of 1-2 times a week) and daily execution of the recommended practices, I feel great, move freely and actively do physical practices. There is no stiffness and pain. The body seemed to be filled with vital energy, it became strong and flexible, the bend of the knee joint is restored, muscles are tightened, posture was straightened, shoulders are spread, excess volumes have gone, the face looks younger. I feel a great uplift, closer connection with myself, self-love and inspiration to realize what I wish.

This is a real miracle and magic! I am immensely happy and grateful to Vindav for my physical and spiritual healing!!! It is a great happiness to meet such a Master in life! And I sincerely wish you physical and spiritual healing, a happy realization of your path!

With love, K.N.



I had very strong pains for a month caused by displaced fracture of my arm. Soon I heard from my friends about the healer-shaman Sheikhala Dareman (Anna). After sessions with her, my friend improved relationship with her boyfriend, she got prettier. So I decided to ask Sheikhala for help.
She prescribed me intensive treatment. I’m skeptical enough, I thought:
– Well, what choice I have, I will go through this method of treatment at a distance.
And then the session began..
I was laying with my eyes closed, and instantly hot energy waves got into my body. As if I had fallen into a silvery cocoon, my sore arm was covered with vibrations … and I fell asleep. Upon awakening, I saw on the screen of my computer (we communicated online) the shining face of Sheikhala, she was smiling divinely. And suddenly I realized that the sharp pains, that had been tormenting me for several weeks, had disappeared! I could move my fingers, wrap my hand in different directions, God! Tears of gratitude were flowing out of my eyes.

It is incredible, from that moment on I finally began to sleep at night without suffering. That is all. After a week of treatment, the hand turned pink (before it was swollen, blue) and day after day all the functions of the hand were revived.
Deepest gratitude, Sheikhala, you are a heaven-born healer!
= Marina S.


From the very childhood I suffered from a runny nose. It would seem to be a trifle, but it seems so only from the outside. It’s a tormenting thing when you are not able to breathe, and you look terrible, your head hurts.. All my life I have been working with children, and now I work with the elderly. People expect help and support from me, and there is this…

My Master Tao Vindav eliminated this problem in two small sessions, many thanks to him for the rescue!

= Elena





Bliss in Love like-minded people are engaged in their spiritual development: they reveal their unique abilities aimed at healing, development, transforming people and the Earth. The founders of an entirely new platform of knowledge and healing are three Russian healers: Vindav, Sohanji and Sheyhala. The desire to discover “who I am” united them into one whole. Having developed a pure connection with the Masters of the Higher Spheres, they began transferring healing flows to the whole world through daily meditations and healing sessions for people.


A Taoist practitioner (Chinese energetic health system), who has been studying Tao for over 12 years, a seer, a healer who sees organs at any distance – in Europe, the USA and Russia. He successfully healed people of diabetes, ankylosing spondylitis, hormonal disorders, rheumatism, oncology. Patients experience not only physical recovery, but renewal of psychological states. During treatment sessions Vindav directs energy fields to the patient at any distance, and also applies Taoist Chinese practice. As a Tao master he teaches disciples the Tao techniques. It heals the body, improves immunity and increases personal energy.


Healer, clairvoyant, psychologist of the soul and the heart. She devoted many years to heart helping for people. Through repentance, ascesises she gained the ability to heal people with the fields of love. Sohanji is consecrated by the Masters of the Higher Spheres to bring the light energies of longevity to the world, she gives people the opportunity to cleanse the body and bring weight to the divine norm (nutrition programs for losing weight and healing organs). If you find it hard to forgive your loved ones, you suffer from loneliness, depression – Sohanji will accept you with her loving heart and show you the way to yourself.


Shaman, healer, clairvoyant, master of Kriya-Suntami Yoga (the renewed Patanjali yoga). From early childhood she has been being led by the strongest and the most powerful Spirit of the Universe, who blessed her to become a world-class Shaman. She studied ancient methods of shamanic healing, met with strong shamans from Mexico, Altai, Himalayas and Olympus. She devoted her life to helping people through the methods: “Connection with the nature”, Kriya-Suntami Yoga, family relationships and discovery of children’s talents.  

The Unity of three healers

Now Vindav and Sheyhala energetically have united their healing powers in the fields of love of Sohanji, so great changes have begun for the earthlings. These phenomenal masters of their directions heal every person and even groups of people with healing flows of the pure heart.

Let’s help people get to a healing meeting with the unique people.

Let people begin to heal.

Let the Earth begin to heal.

Write your wishes for healing meetings: info@blissinlove.com