Finding God is not just about meditation



The flowers outside around the Golden Lotus Temple are beautiful, but behind them there is an even more delightful garden. Although its nature is so subtle that at first it is difficult to see. If you can penetrate into hidden areas through your spiritual third eye, you will discover it.

I live in this garden – in the realm of exquisite qualities, tender thoughts, more intoxicating and fragrant than any flower. The bee of my mind continuously drinks there the honey of the divine presence.

When we direct our concentration inward and increasingly live in this invisible country within ourselves, we find that spiritual qualities begin to take a special form, and any material object turns into a window through which we perceive the indescribable joy of God.

Do not think that the search for God is limited to just meditation.

Any good quality manifested in your thoughts and actions brings to the surface the hidden nectar of Divine presence, if your inner perception is sharp enough.

When we pass through our spiritual third and fourth eye, we see within ourselves the factory of intelligent life Energy that created this entire Universe. Since our attention is usually directed outward, we are misled by the signs of the invisible Spirit in nature, we see the works of God, His name is written on the flower and in the heavens, on everything – but He is silent…

As human beings, we are endowed with the rarest privilege, for among all the creatures created by our heavenly Father, only man possesses the physical, mental and spiritual qualities necessary to:

  • look for Him
  • find Him,
  • know Him
  • and understand His silent language.