Epistles about Great Children

Resume connection with children is the most important thing right now. Children who have come to the Earth are subtle creatures whom parents cannot understand. After all, when a child says something to you, you do not hear him. Child – is a connection with the Supreme. He tells you exactly what the Supreme Power wants to transfer. And when parents are completely unprepared for such creatures, chaos, misunderstanding, negativity are present in the family, which then revives in the child only a “black cloud” with which he has to go through his life.

You, as parents, must agree with the idea that you are walking according to the plan of being, according to the plan of society. Children are your balance-wheel, your alarm clock. You could have understood this a long time ago. We, as the Supreme Powers, are doing our best to awaken your children so that you at least for a minute think about your development. Children are the creativity of the Supreme. Children are a sign of creative being, since only they can bring new energies into this world, a new layer of the future. It is necessary to work with children every day, giving them attention for several hours a day, if not the whole day. Children are your teachers. Look into their eyes, and you will see the whole Universe.


The information set out below receives by the channeler Surah Mir in connection with the Higher Essences of the Conglomerate Intelegence



  • How to develop children’s abilities in new conditions?

They do not need to be developed, they need help to open up. It is difficult for you to see abilities that are hidden from view. For each child, you can turn to the Heavenly Teachers. The child must communicate with his inner world. There is an endless ocean of talents and gifts. Draw from it and you adults. By entering deep meditation, you will enter your inner world. Children should be taught this as well. It is easier for them, they are closer to the Light. Let them paint their world with colors, so you will see your children with different eyes and feel respect for them, as the Supreme beings who came into this world to teach and heal.



  • What will help relieve stress and excess emotions from a child? What sport should I recommend?

No amount of sports can help relieve stress. The life of a child should be built in such a way that he does not fall into this state. We have said, and more than once, that a child is an exalted being. He must live in love and harmony, in a sense of acceptance of everything and everyone. If, for some reason, the child has entered a state that is dangerous for himself, efforts must be made to bring harmony and tranquility back into his life. So what does sport have to do with its excessive loads, strong feelings and an active ego? How can this help the child to enter into love and acceptance of himself and the world around him?

First of all, parents themselves must be harmonious and calm, and maintain this state in the child. This does not mean that you need to remove all physical exercise to improve the health of the child. But they should be changed and within the child’s power, should be carried out under the guidance of a master, a coach who is interested in the health and harmonious development of the child, and not in achieving prizes in competitions to the detriment of the child’s health and state of rest.

Spiritual practices, meditations, nature walks, breathing practices and physical exercises are useful for children under the guidance of an experienced and highly spiritual teacher. The pursuit of prizes and ratings causes irreparable damage to a child’s health. Choose what is more important to you: to show off medals and cups of a child with undermined health and psyche, or to raise a healthy child in every sense.



  • Education should be a joy

If it is difficult for an adult to communicate with children and adolescents, if he does not love people sincerely, if he spares his strength, then let him not approach them. Children cannot be deceived, they always feel that they are coming from a person. They (children) cannot bear cold and anger. Either the protest is bright or simply closed.

Adults, work on yourself! Children are not simply the result of parental contact. They are Supreme Beings – pure and kind. If you destroy the light in children, why are you needed? Begin to expand the love in your heart, give and be filled again. Learn from children to give love. They are small and not afraid, but you regret the good. This is very stupid .. Love has no boundaries. Learn from children.



On the upbringing of adolescents and communication with adult children.

In upbringing, it is important to be in time, not to lose the time of the child’s trust in the adult. If a child has already grown up, then he has developed his own system of values, which is different from his parents, and you cannot fix anything with drastic efforts. The trust of adults in their parents may not return, so it is important, even in early childhood, to pay more attention to children, take an interest in their concerns and correct the child gently.

The older the child is, the softer and more imperceptible should be the efforts of the parents to correct the roughness in upbringing. You won’t get anything good with pressure and orders. You need to communicate gently with adolescents and influence imperceptibly. Perhaps this will not be enough. Then start changing yourself, taking care of your health, changing your social circle, engaging in spiritual practices. Your sample will be a guide for yours and other children.

By changing yourself, you will change your environment as well. It’s unavoidable. In any case, your child should know that they love and accept him at home, but they are always ready to prompt and help if he accepts the help of loved ones. And when he is ready to hear you, you will be fully armed with wisdom and love.



Blissful waves of Divine love spread to you every day more and more.

The stream of Grace fills every part of your being in all bodies. Take a deep breath and see with your heart how beautiful the world the Father has created for you. What the eyes do not see, let the heart see – your key and guide to the most beautiful worlds and spaces. Stay in prayer day and night, because the filling with light does not stop at night. Accept the gift from Above and be worthy of the Father’s trust in you.

Feel now how you are changing. Breathe in – love, exhale – Bless the world. Light is pouring out of you right now and every minute. Remember this when you go into the world. You are the light and no other has been given to you. Thank you, this is an unspeakable joy.



The issues of raising children should be started with your children and those around you. You need to talk to adults who are willing to listen. There are few of them. This must be accepted. As we said earlier, it is necessary to protect children from destructive influences outside the home. People should have the opportunity to rest and gain strength, determination, love, light. You must become those sources of strength and light for people. Keep praying for people. Create an atmosphere of calm, kindness, and acceptance around you, wherever you are. Send your love to the world every hour you are awake.



Family in new living conditions

In today’s conditions of life, as, indeed, in all other times, a person found rest and protection in the circle of relatives and friends. Now this circle of loved ones should be expanded as much as possible, that is, to everyone, to the entire planet. If a person only cares about his relatives, forgetting his neighbors, colleagues and just strangers on the street, then evil will intensify and no one can be saved.

Now the family is the whole world, everything around. Look around how much pain, tears, troubles are around, you cannot just close the door of your heart and turn away from it all. It is necessary to start praying to everyone for everyone, you have been told this many times. Understand, there are no strangers, no strangers. All in one field of the planet. Efforts must be made to save everyone; one cannot concentrate only on a narrow circle. You cannot hide from the world, very serious and difficult changes are coming for everyone. Unite, look for those close in spirit, forget about your ambitions in the face of great disasters.

If your loved ones do not hear you and thus hurt your heart, pray for them more persistently, help those who can hear. Now they are all relatives. The time has come to understand this. Generously give everyone your love and care, you may not have time, plunge into love deeper every day and splash out on everyone who meets.



About children’s health

There is a lot of talk about which medications help in this or that case, if the child is sick. There is a constant fundraising campaign for expensive treatment for this or that baby. It is very sad to look at this. They often talk about the influence of ecology, workload, stressfulness of a modern person, but for some reason they say very little how the moral component of parents affects the health of a small child. As if health is separate, and spirituality is separate.

The higher the desire of the parents to be kinder, fairer, more cordial and merciful, the more high vibrations emanate from them, the happier and healthier the child will be. A newborn baby is a very tall creature, pure. If parents realize their high role not only to feed, provide material benefits, but to help the child find his purpose, raise him as a kind, loving, caring, merciful person, if they themselves make every day efforts in revealing themselves as a spiritual personality, then children will develop harmoniously. both physically and mentally.

If parents are in constant stress, quarrel, condemn others, get angry, then children, being in their energy field, grow up distorted in every sense. It is important what is put at the forefront when building a family. If the material is rough, primitive, then the results will not be long in coming, especially at this time when the world is suffocating in low vibrations.

It is necessary first to think about what kind of person the child will grow up, and not about whether he will be successful in the current society. To harmonize, the family needs to be more often in nature, to move away from toxic cities. At least at home, the child should have an atmosphere of love and acceptance, peace, and this is a great work of adults. This must be learned, realizing its role in the fate of the child. This must be learned.



Appeal to a mother who has lost emotional closeness with a growing child.

Very often, parents, being too carried away with their “adult” affairs, without noticing it, lose contact with their child. Family people, living in the same house, stop hearing each other, lose the thread of love from heart to heart. And when the awareness of loss arises, they do not know what to do, how to return the most important thing in their relationship. This is what can be said in such a situation to the mother or father.

Listen, you are a strong and loving parent! Send your child love in your mind every time you remember him. Remember that you have great power to influence the heart of your no longer baby. There is an invisible thread between you, sooner or later, he will hear you with his heart. Will come out of the darkness of youthful selfishness to your voice ..

If you are angry with him, condemn, shout, – you drive him into darkness even deeper. Pray for the child more often. He hears you, but very badly. Don’t be discouraged. Your patience will be enough to break through the wall of misunderstanding. Hard. It can’t be easy. Work on yourself, put on love, like a warrior in armor. Give love sincerely and generously, and you will return warmth to your home.

It can’t be easy. You can break through the wall of misunderstanding, but it’s difficult. Remember, we told you that by responding with love to any, you will be stronger than everyone. Put on your love every day and the dawn will come. Work on yourself, this will help those who are near and follow. The example should be tall and beautiful.

Love is your shield and sword, your strength and vulnerability. Spread love and help your daughter and many and many, even if you don’t see it.



It is difficult to understand a person if he is asleep. They are completely guided.

Therefore, it is necessary to be merciful to each person, no matter how he behaves. You do not know in what ways and in what incarnation this person will be led to the Creator, to love and service. Perhaps the warmth and patience with which you treat a person depends on his fate for many incarnations ahead.

Do not feel sorry for love and warmth, do not look at how a person looks. It does not matter. If the person does not accept you, send him love sincerely and move away from him. The time will come, and your warmth and mercy will help him, even if not now, not right away. Look at people with compassion, when they are aggressive, the person suffers and does not even know about it. You will respond with love to rudeness and save him. Send the Goodness of your heart into the world, so it will grow in you. Give your loved ones your warmth, especially the elderly. Even if they stay asleep. Your love energy will support them. There is no need to be upset that you are not accepted, the time will come, and tireless labors will bring happy fruits. There is light in everyone, you have to see it.



Do not spare love and mercy

It is difficult to understand a person. If he is asleep, he is completely guided. Therefore, it is necessary to be merciful to each person, no matter how he behaves. You do not know in what ways and in what incarnation this person will be led to the Creator, to love and service. Perhaps the warmth and patience with which you treat a person depends on his fate for many incarnations ahead.

Do not feel sorry for love and warmth, do not look at how a person looks. It does not matter. If the person does not accept you, send him love sincerely and move away from him. The time will come, and your warmth and mercy will help him. Let not now, not right away.
Look at people with compassion when they are aggressive. A person suffers and does not even know about it. And you will respond with love to rudeness and save him.

Send the Goodness of your heart to the world. In this way it will grow in you. Give your loved ones your warmth, especially the elderly, even if they remain asleep. Your love energy will support them.
Do not be upset that people do not accept you. The time will come, and tireless labors will bear happy fruits. There is light in everyone, you have to see it.


April 3, 2021

Upbringing never stops, we cannot think that by raising a child to his feet, sending him to school or kindergarten, responsibilities are removed from the parents, because now professionals must take care of them. First of all, we educate by our example. It is impossible to say one thing, but to act differently and expect that the child will listen to us and respect us.

If the parent is completely immersed in material values and does not want to listen to anything else, the child will eventually go even deeper into 3D. And then why be surprised that children do not listen to their parents and teachers, preferring the society of dubious friends on the Internet? What can they hear if the teacher is empty and primitive, does not hear and does not understand the needs of the child at this particular moment of his development?

For those parents who are ready to hear Us, we can say that it is necessary to move the vector of their interests towards spiritual development, spend more time with the child and his friends, communicate, share your knowledge of spiritual practices, learn to listen to each other. Your children do not belong to you, they came with an important purpose.

  • It is important at least not to interfere, but it is better, of course, to help them in their search for their path not in material wealth and self-interest, but in revealing the potential of the Soul that has come to incarnate in this body.
  • It is important to give children breathing practices. And for older teenagers, you can give a little of Tao when Yang is wasted.
  • Creativity, singing, painting, caring for animals and the weak ones are important.

It is good when a family has a warm atmosphere, and children do not need to seek consolidation and salvation from loneliness in social networks. The Teachers will come soon. In the meantime, teach Love and to help weak ones.


February 25, 2021

Goodness is the only possible fulfillment of a person as a part of the Universe, created in the image of the Creator.

You were created by the Great and must be filled with the energy of the Creator, which is constantly pouring out on you. You can perceive the Goodness if you raise your vibrations with love, compassion for all living beings on the planet. You breathe with Goodness, this is your oxygen. Trust yourself and breathe deeply.

Indeed, today social will not allow to massively raise children in Ashrams. Then every awakened person should create an Ashram in his home. For this you need to learn from the Supreme Masters. You know them. Communicating with your like-minded people, be filled with goodness.

Children must be brought up in the bosom of nature, closer to what the Creator made. Learn to listen to the wind, enjoy a drop of dew, the beauty of a simple flower. The child should develop a thirst for beauty, he knows how to see it. It is necessary to listen to classical music, sing with them, paint, sculpt, dance. Let them show themselves openly and directly. They have to believe in themselves. They don’t need power sports, they need plastics. They need harmony, a sense of beauty in everything. Wait, they will teach you.


February 23, 2021

The upbringing system

The upbringing system assumes basic knowledge of child psychology, especially those children who are born now. Children now come with completely different vibrations than their parents. A sleeping person cannot understand, and will not want to, what it means to raise a person in the full sense of the word.

  • Special residential institutions are needed where children will be brought up from a very early age.
  • Educators should be enlightened, cleansed of the husks of the material world.
  • Upbringing should be built on the basis of the characteristics of each child, which was originally laid down in him. What gifts were sent to him, in what way he should go to the Light. Groups of children should be formed according to this principle. Based on this, the construction of education will go in each specific case.

Such schools were established in India, but they faded away. They have not received a continuation in other countries.

When building communication with each child, it is necessary to connect with the Masters of the Higher Spheres. Not all children will fit in such a school, selection is needed. Love-filled teachers must first heal children. Even a short period of living in the current conditions of the world can cause serious damage.

  • To heal by reading prayers, mantras. Children are filled with love through meditation, the laying on of the hands of a healer. It is necessary to put the child in a circle, and the Teachers, standing around, must read prayers and mantras in front of him, lay hands on. After rehabilitation, the child must plunge into the natural world, learn to feel all living things, empathize, and care. Each child should have the opportunity to communicate in private with the Teacher. Having strengthened, the child is ready to learn about the world, read, write, draw, sing, create his own world.
  • Knowledge should be necessary, there is no need to fill your head with rubbish. Endless love and care of everyone for everyone should reign in the school. Children must learn to see and hear a lot, to get away from unnecessary situations for themselves when they return to the human world.

But this world will already be different. We are getting ready.


January 28, 2021

Open your heart to the sounds of the world, drippings, sounding of frost, the babblement of birds.

All this was created by the Creator to brighten your life. Fill yourself with colors of joy, smiles. The world is beautiful for those who know how to love. Learn to open up to the world, see in everyone the form of the Creator and bow to everyone in your heart, as the Creator.

This is what children need to be taught – Love. To everything living, to everything in whom the Father’s Love lives. It’s so wonderful to peer into unfamiliar faces and see Creation in them! If the heart is filled with love, a person will become perfect. The unspeakable Light lives in him. Love lives in everyone, you have forgotten about it. Remember why you are here. Open your eyes. Love has no barriers. 

Your children and you yourself are created and filled with love. Measure with love every step, every moment of your life, but not money and greed, and then you will see the world to others. If a person carries Light within himself, the Light will return to him. What else do you have to worry about?

Trust the passage of time. A person can do little himself, but to love is given to you. This is the Great Power. With it, you are not afraid of anything. Children raised in love for all living things will be the beautification of this world and its salvation. But before you educate others, turn your gaze to yourself. Be brave. You can.


December 28, 2020

Children are given to go through experience, like everyone else do.

An essence comes into embodiment, it needs to go through a certain experience. Parents create conditions for this. Parents are responsible: they must realize the request of the Soul for love and care in family events. The child must implement the plan. His fields should be filled with the energies of love and knowledge. Each child is unique, but there are many similarities depending on where and when he lives.

Now it is a huge responsibility of adults, but they are helpless, because they «sleep», they cannot and do not want to raise children, they have no strength. They can barely carry themselves. To raise children in love, one must be in love oneself, and not in selfishness.

There will be other times, but we must prepare for them. Everyone must make an effort for himself, make a decision for himself: where he goes to and takes the child to. Spiritual Masters spread knowledge, but few people want to hear them .. This is sad.

We try to help, but not everything depends on us. People themselves must look for the way for themselves and their children, they must think where the children go. There is a lot to say. The main thing to lead someone is to go on your own, not sit idly by. It is necessary to know, learn, pray – the answers and solutions will come if you go forward.

There are no somebody else’s children, all children are in one field of the Earth. We must remember what the Great Masters taught and people must teach this to children – people must remember what they have forgotten. And your children will grow up in love and will not leave you in old age. Love is the main thing to remember when thinking about raising any child.

The world is full of energies, discover them for yourself and for your children. They will have wings! And the world will be filled with happy people. Who else but you.


December 12, 2020

Young age is the most responsible, as the foundation of the personality is laid. A lot in the life of a new person depends on how attentive the adults are, whether or not they show concern. Every parent should respect the new life that has been entrusted to him. The child is from the parent (in the sense of a dense body), but does not belong to him. The child is the Great Soul, an immortal Spirit who came on a mission to the Earth.

Before approaching a child, you need to pray, be filled with goodness, and emit Light. And the child will feel your Light, respond, a connection will arise between you – he will fill you with love and perfection, and you will, taking care, help to get used to new conditions. The child is watching you, looking for love in every look, touch. He is perfect and does not accept anything else.

Give each other love and you will be the happiest ones – you will fly, literally. Don’t hurt the baby. If he turns away, then it will be very difficult to establish contact, correct distrust. Look at the world through the eyes of a baby, it is full of miracles and joy. The child will teach you to be surprised at little things again, at every moment, he will open you the world full of miracles. Trust him and you will enjoy every day, like in childhood smiling purely and sincerely, dancing, singing.

You will help your baby to get comfortable in the material world, and he will teach you to see another world – the world of fantasy, love, affection, trust and devotion. Enjoy the time while the baby is growing, he will give you a lot of joy. And you will be gentle and caring with him, he is a very gentle creature, he is a flower in your hands. Appreciate this gift.

Give love generously, and then your heart and your child’s heart will never harden. And in your old age, you will weep with happiness and joy for your children, not because of resentment and loneliness. Love is all-powerful. Open your heart to words of love.


December 6, 2020

  • Where does the desire to raise children come from?

It’s in the human life plan. This human being has come to devote himself (herself) to children – either in the family, or in kindergarten, or in school, etc. Such a purpose is given to help the person who has come into embodiment to realize his task. This service is not rare, but there are not so many such people as there are educators and teachers. Such a person should be spiritually uplifting, and not just slightly educated. There always have been such teachers, they brought up children not only in schools, they were writers, philosophers, poets, lawyers, politicians and many others. The main thing is what and how to bring to children and people: love for the whole world, mercy, tranquility and service.

A highly educated person is still an illiterate one, he knows something approximately, but not everything. But even such knowledge can, in the absence of spiritual and moral guidelines in life, become a monster that destroys everything in one’s path. It is even more terrible when a person has no knowledge at all and is embittered, and there are many of them. Dalai Lama says that the Earth needs more education for people, because huge masses of people are in complete ignorance, they are condemned to poverty and therefore extremely embittered.

It is necessary to spread not just literacy and your knowledge, but to educate people in the ideals of high spirituality, then the Earth will survive, and together you will continue your path to the love of the Creator.


December 1, 2020

Children are born for joy, to bring love into the world, to make it better, purer, brighter.

You do not understand the role of children in life, you think that they are small and should listen to you. And they are wiser than you are. The Divine Light of Love and Trust live in them. They bring love to the world, they are Light themselves. Look at the children with different eyes and bow to the Supreme Being in them. Each child is a gift to the world, salvation and reward. Do your best to keep every child happy, healthy, joyful and open to the world. They are salvation, they have love that adults have forgotten about. Love them with all your heart, and they will open yourselves to you, since you are also children for the Creator.

Take care of children and the child in yourselves.