The relationship between a man and a woman was created to be loving, filled with wisdom, tenderness and understanding. It should be said that both of these energies are interconnected.


A strong-willed essence with initially introduced powerful function, which can only be mastered by a man with a masculine principle. His advantage is will. Its strength is the sun. It is the combination of these two energies that makes a man strong, wise, resistant to the circumstances of the external and internal world.

A man was created by the Lord in his own likeness:

Man + Faith = Connection with the Supreme

If a man follows the Supreme, he is quite progressive. If he moves, indulging weaknesses, desires – this is no longer a man, it is, unfortunately, a degenerating part of society. It is very important for a man to be connected with his masculine principle, and he can do this only when he turns his eyes to the Supreme.

In ancient times great leaders, pharaohs, kings were in full and sensitive union with the Supreme. They clearly knew that if they were in touch with the Heaven (being connected with it), they would be able to rule the whole world.

The incarnation of a man is a great creation of all knowledge, of all-vision, of all things. Men, feel it, recall about yourself. Think it over!


This is a sensitive, subtle being, which since ancient times has the most hidden abilities to feel, create, listen and love. A woman is able to love on subtle and high vibrations that are incomprehensible to a man. She can cause a great wave of admiration, because she is a woman.

The feminine essence can be compared with a cat: flexible, all-looking, creative, strong, alluring, attractive.

But unfortunately, all these qualities were forgotten by the woman. She lost herself. But in a woman lies the magic that she can possess. And everything in creations begins with a woman. She is a wonderful creature! But not every woman succeeds in remembering this and bringing beauty, care, love into the world.

Beloved Women, start remembering yourself.


If each of you remembers who you really are, you will see how the world will begin to change. A real relationship between a man and a woman is possible only when both halves find a connection with the Supreme.

We teach individually men and women in our classes. The results of contact with each other change their relationship. They find mutual understanding, love and healthy relationships again.

Sheykhala Dareman

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