Devote time to your child


For a start, it might be small walks in nature. Stop driving them to public places. This is how you kill your child. The child needs the care of nature. The child has a very subtle essence, which immediately connects with natural vibrations. And being in nature a child can heal himself from wanderings, from low-vibration desires, indulgences and negativity of this world.

Note that by taking daily walks with your child, you start changing. Direct the child’s gaze to the leaves growing on the trees. A leaf of a tree is an immense universe. All life is described on the leaf, energy flows there. Meditate to the leaves of the trees without slipping off them. Observe why the color of a tree leaf is exactly the color you see. And do you see this particular color? Ask your child. And see what he answers you. Life is a little tree leaf.    

By connecting your child with this creativity of the Creator, you cultivate creativity for life in your child – listening to a leaf means listening to yourself.