Creative activities for children


Joy is replaced by happiness. Happiness is replaced by creativity. Did you notice what your child did totay? He sang today. Track his voice. His voice is a voice from Above. He sings about you, about your relationships within the family. This voice will allow you to tune your relationships in both family and society. Let it be so. Help your child to realize his abilities, and he will open the whole world to you.


Working with space

John, 7 years old, Greece


Our heart is the connecting link. People are suffering, they hurt inside so much. You should treat people with awe and know when to use your strong energy and when not to use it. Human consciousness is not yet ready to receive the subtle cosmic energy.

… Sitting in his room, holding hands with his younger brother and mother, John took a deep breath, his heart became quiet and calm, as he exhaled, saw a huge disk forming around his head. The disk began to expand more and more, shining golden light and then turning into the blue of the cosmos.

John summoned his Auxiliary Spirits who helped him send this disc to the far reaches of the universe. His heart fluttered before the most important event: this disk signified the arrival of the help of the Higher distant Forces of the Universe for all people, all living on our planet.

And the work was done, in the last minutes of the exercises, he saw a shining Golden Ray entering people’s hearts!



Let’s play with a child

The thought process of an adult is fully different the child’s one. A child initially coming into this world, carrying with him a “higher mind”, merged with the Mind of the Universe. And when an adult takes such a baby into his own hands, unfortunately, he begins to inpose his thought process on him. His thoughts are captured by the baby’s mind at a very subtle level – so deep and not known to you.

The vibrations of your heart are connected to your child, but not at all in the form in which you imagine. Your main task is to see in the eyes of your child the creature that communicates with you on the vibrations of his heart. Your verbal dialogue is now out of place. You need to learn to communicate with your child through the eyes, heart, body vibrations, and movement.

Just try to talk to your child without words. Let it be a new game for you and your child. Play the movement of your arms, legs, body – let it happen through a beautiful dance with fun music. See how your body begins connecting with the body of the child. In the beginning it will be in the form of a dance, in the form of the movements of your bodies. But then you will feel a greater need to start communicating on a deeper level. Then start the dance of the feelings, the dance of the heart itself – the dance of two hearts. It will happen .. trust me. This is the very wonderful blessing that all parents on the Earth yearn for. And so be it! The best way to make a child good is to make him happy.


Devote time to your child

For a start, it might be small walks in nature. Stop driving them to public places. This is how you kill your child. The child needs the care of nature. The child has a very subtle essence, which immediately connects with natural vibrations. And being in nature a child can heal himself from wanderings, from low-vibration desires, indulgences and negativity of this world.

Note that by taking daily walks with your child, you start changing. Direct the child’s gaze to the leaves growing on the trees. A leaf of a tree is an immense universe. All life is described on the leaf, energy flows there. Meditate to the leaves of the trees without slipping off them. Observe why the color of a tree leaf is exactly the color you see. And do you see this particular color? Ask your child. And see what he answers you. Life is a little tree leaf.    

By connecting your child with this creativity of the Creator, you cultivate creativity for life in your child – listening to a leaf means listening to yourself.