Establishment of the Spirit

Essence nature is spiritual vitality (shen qi) in the heart, when attention is focused on the point between the eyes (yin-tang), the light of the main essence will be seen and after a long training it will connect with eternal life to form a single whole.
The innate spirit in the heart is essence, and the innate vitality in the lower abdomen is life; when they combine, only then can real achievements be obtained.
The exact position of the original cavity of the spirit is the point between the eyes, in the center of the brain.
It is necessary to establish attention on this center in order to obtain the unity (of all things). This center is the center between heaven and earth in the human body. If the initial cavity of the spirit is not established, then the spirit will not have a basis for sublimation, the alchemical element will not be complete, and the golden elixir cannot be produced.