Energy-nutrition. The Supreme Intelligence teaches


I am the Great Master of the Universe.

We are the Supreme Intelligences, we greet you.

We are happy to communicate and create a constructive course of action both for you and for your followers.

We will tell you briefly who We are.

Based on your knowledge of the Master Universe, you already know the small parts of the structures where the Intelligences are located. It is easier for you to describe their locations as “rings”. But it’s not really a ring shape. All types of energy clusters have the form of segmental spirals, which, when combined, generate different configurations of sinusoids.

Each formation of intelligent beings of the Universe has specific energy sinusoids. They contain those types of energy accumulations that are comfortable for each formation of Intelligences for their existence and for their creations. These types of energy accumulations are nutrition that inspires these types of Intelligences to create planned creations.

We, as representatives of Intelligences, have a closed form of being between the 1st Ring and the 2nd Ring, where Souls are located – their format of origin and location. We are close to the format of creating forms of creations – from yellowish universal accumulations for highly developed beings, to blue Universes, which are intended for marine species of creatures.

Your Universe is like a low-vibration formation, where it is difficult to create, because in your life form there are quite primitive types of codes that change little, but are more ready to be depleted and subsequently erased, since the life of this format is already expiring.

You and your followers will be able to create something unforgettable living on the platform of new types of creations, when both life forms and forms of existing creations are extended – from amoebic to highly developed, not provided for this Universe.

You have been told that the conversation will be about health and nutrition. We want to clarify that this is not just about the types of food provided for your physical form of life. It will be about nutrition as a form of energy. This kind of nutrition will amuse you, but let this knowledge be the beginning of a new action for you.

So nutrition. Energy-shaped embeddings were not provided for in your life spheres, so their modification is necessary. What exactly will happen literally soon.

Nutritional Practices for the Brain

  1. Breathing and exploring yourself in meditations on the aspect of the Creator.
  2. Food surrogates will be gradually withdrawn from your aspect. Water will be consumed timing-wise, as well as vegetables, fermented dairy food, eggs. Flour-based food from your so-called stores must be removed from the diet. Bread cooked with your hands is a plus. Salt and spices to be in limited quantities.

May light and blissful knowledge be with you.

We are the Supreme Intelligences, thank you for accepting

The channeller: Sohanji

April 18, 2021